2014 DJ Short-E LIVE Mix #03

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DJ Short-e practice mixing LIVE on the Pioneer DDJ-SX Serato DJ Console. http://www.djshorte.com

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DrCooks Mason says:

The loop of the bed spring sound was the most annoying thing

Marquez Ray says:

how do you get your intro to say your name?

Brandon Marshall says:

those samples though nice

Dj Shorte says:


Семен Семенов says:

Много сводок не в квадрат и не в тональность

wingo0528 says:

so good ~

Callum Humphreys says:

12:16 song

Kory Adams says:

Dope songs, BAD MIXING

Valkyrie says:

with DJ SHORT E!!!!!

Timur Makhmudov says:


MGC-игровой канал Riki says:


Lucie Cinková says:

Luxus fenks luxus song

Michał Stasiowski says:

Za ile kupiłeś

Nathan Millington says:

I won’t let you get away with chunky mixing like that. It was crap &
riddled with mistakes. Keep practicing.

Shadow Wolf says:

Anyone really

Ionut Ionutz says:

too slow 

Jose Rodriguez says:

Will hear it now..Cranking it.

최두봉 says:

Mix Good 

Malthe Hansen says:

is not a god song

Dj_Republic_801 says:

How do you get copyrights??

Alef Rodrigo says:

zika as musicas ta boa só que vc tem que tocar mais um pouco melhor nao
leva ha mal mais é ha verdade 

Stephen Tyler says:

great mix good sir

PamP1m says:

4 mins to mix in the first song smh… after about 10 tries too

Ejazali Ejazali says:

i like

chaz carrasco says:

Wow don’t DJ if it isn’t Interesting :/ 

Charlie John says:


Snoopytoe says:

Great ! relax..

Eddie Vibes says:

Decent mix… few questionable mix segways and song selections but that’s
me. cant hate, cant congratulate. keep practicing and keep up the good

アマチュア太郎 says:


Ekaterina Khramova says:

what’s ure stuff i want to buy this dj equipment could some one tell me
please 😉 !

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