3 Tips for Improving Your DJ Performance Videos

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DJcity TV has partnered with British DJ and product reviewer Mojaxx to relaunch its educational “Tips & Tricks” series. For the latest episode, Mojaxx explains how DJs can improve their performance videos in three easy ways. This includes choosing the right camera, reducing the risk of violating YouTube’s copyright policy, and synchronizing high-quality audio with video. Stay tuned for new “Tips & Tricks” videos every week only on DJcity TV.

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word2squared says:

You have any tips for Young Beginners

MojaxxVDJ says:

@flava82 I just recorded using Serato DJ’s internal recording function,
with a cable from the mixer to the Aux input on the SL3.

You certainly could record into Ableton directly if you hook it up to your
mixer. Then just drop the video file in afterwards.

DJbooth DJ's says:

My Man +MojaxxVDJ back at it again! Good video bro!

Mac Joseph says:

Hey mo just got a gopro because of you! Thanx! 

djflashb says:

Great video ..And the scratches are not terrible 🙂 

DJ G-STYLZ says:

Awesome great tips. Really appreciate that. Definitely keep me posted on
all other tips and tricks. .

kcutz says:

Give yourself some props Mojaxx.. Your cuts sound crisp and tight. 😉
Thanks for the upload!

DJ I-RIZE says:

Awesome video mo

Ken Lawrence says:

Great Info. Most definitely going to get these items. Thanks Mojaxx

Mac Joseph says:

This encourages actual DJing, great tips MO.


Hi Guys .. In your opinion with the gopro hero4 Black edition to 1080P
30fps or 60fps. What will be the best outcome?
Thank you.

TallRas says:

Thanks Mojaxx!!! VERY helpful!

djspotakus says:

thanks for sharing.
very valuable, basic , fundamental info. Thank you.

TATT2 says:

Quick question…… If i wanted to record with two GoPros to have two
different angles, how do i switch between the two videos in ableton ??

Thanks in advance

DJ SINLess says:

Your timing in dropping this couldn’t be more perfect as I’m gearing up to
do this now. Just a quick question…what software do you recommend using
to record your computer screen to show Serato like on every bedroom
sessions vid? I use a PC. 

flava82 says:

Mojaxx which method did you use to record your audio? was it a direct feed
to abelton?


+DJcityTV Hi, great video but i still got one question. When i try to
uploud a live House Set im always get a copyright. Now what i wonder is why
are “boilerroom” & “mixmag” Sets still online? The DJs there also play
“Copyright” Music.


great video love gopro hero 4

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