Ableton + Traktor DJ Performance Techniques Together

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Learn more about hooking up the two and the concepts behind the techniques:

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Prog47 says:

wow the fingerdrumming part was great !

Crab Reaper says:

Yo that studio is fucking awesome looking

DJ Shuffle says:

It may be outdated and half of today’s DJ’s and producers have never heard
of it, but MIDI is still here, hiding away, constantly surprising the

Maksymilian Pizzochero says:

So if I wanted to use only one laptop and one program, is it possible to
map the Launchpad to traktor without using ableton like what you can do
with the serato software? I would be glad to hear what people say because
im thinking of getting two turntables and I would like to incorporate my

Blake Mikusevic says:

These guys fuckin suck.

J V Key says:

Phat son! That’s shonuff funkin like musty boxer drawls

hans bogarin says:

What interface are you using?

Nathan Graff says:

how does it work on one laptop? do both programs share the same soundcard?

cesar martinez says:

Nice ,very creative

Bas ara says:

hey how can you do that in 1 laptop??? =D

David Davis says:

This is awesome

Havukan Hooligan says:

So we’re experimenting with the combination of Ableton & Traktor. But with
Drum and Bass!

DJ Jayster says:

what dj software are you using 

Dean Sibinski says:

Looks like SO much fun

GimmickSounds says:

What mixer are you using?

Alan Guevara says:

why do they always have macbooks???

Daniel Fuscaldo says:

Old + new school

DJ Rick says:

nice !!

James Cornelison says:

That table…….

Marco Campuzano says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

isoca88 says:

povero tavolo…

Sid Marween says:

You Sir´s rock 😉 Indeed !

DJ Nascimento says:

”Im gonna play with live syntheseyseirs” Plays with filter

Karla Pacheco says:

you guys are amazing <3

Kirk State says:

this is nice

Thunderill says:

Which parameters are you sidechaining? Nice video :)

David Admon says:

What’s the song’s name on the outro?

spekulatius90 says:

shitty music

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