Blank Space – Taylor Swift (fingerstyle guitar cover by Peter Gergely)

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This is my fingerstyle guitar cover of “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. So many of you requested this song so I gave in and made my own version, hope you like it! Also, this is my first video with my new guitar!

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Yes, this is a paid tab. I keep most of my stuff free and will do the same but I said that I would make some paid tabs here and there. In case you would raise your voice against this, please consider 2 things:
– So far I have 1 paid tab and 30 free ones;
– It only costs 1.5 € / $1.87 / £1.19

Thanks for understanding and have fun playing!

● Tab (PDF) ►

Gear used in this video:
● Baton Rouge AR11C guitar (named Lily) ►
● G7th Performance 2 Capo
● Martin 12-54 gauge bronze strings
● 2 Rode NT5 microphones
● Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface
● Canon EOS 700D camera

Mixed by Eddie van der Meer, check him out, he’s an amazing guitarist ►

Filmed by my brother Marcell ►

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Peter Gergely says:

This is my fingerstyle guitar cover of “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift.

Nikeet Shah says:

Hey i made a arrangement similar to this but some parts are different , do
you mind checking it out?

Samuele Gecchele says:

the word amazing is not enough to describe your way of playing every song

Aymen21 Lifetime says:

This is what I need exactly for my guitar lesson this is awesome

Adriel Aromin says:

This is awesome! just started on learning fingerstyle, I like this very
Thank you!

Belieber Forlife says:

i just found you in andrew foy’s liked videos
“and i was like
oh my god
look at that boy ” lol amazing

Li En Tan says:

You’re awesome

Razeem Akthar says:

U r d best …..pls don’t say u r nowhere between it….lol….u r awesome.
….but like can I know what is actually your process of making a tabs of
any songs

Alliah Perea says:

I love how you play it! 🙂 Thank you! You inspire me

Snugly1202 Plays MSP says:

In 6s in the middle on the right part of the screen It looks like someone
is pointing a gun at you

iwenglueck says:

For some reason I have Bart Baker’s parody lyrics of Blank Space in my head
when I listen to this.
Anyways, that was amazing! I’m certainly gonna check out your other

Squeal Cat says:

When listening to this I’m going in a trance

jixing bian says:

very nice cover !!!! 

luca bolton says:

Congratulations !!! You play very well. 

Nabeel Rushdi says:

Is this standard tuning? 

Kevin Le says:

Just discovered your channel. You gotta new sub man! Keep it up :)

Ramaranjan Ruj says:

I can’t stop listening to it over and over and over again! Such a lovely
cover :)

iMPRE7ed says:

Really loved this one 🙂 Btw ending lick is cool

Ho Han says:

can i buy the tab for free please ?

Kitti Hernádi says:

Nagyon jó 🙂 Én is próbálom megtanulni :)

Ethel Bustamante says:

You are amazing peter! I like your cover and i feel the motion, the flaws

juibeboom q says:

Can I ask you question about what name of the program you record please.
Thanks. I appreciate it.

Jillian Jurado says:

Dayum. We have the same exact capo O.o Anyway… Keep doing what you do
man. Still rooting for you til this day ^_^

Daniel Lai says:

Hey, I personally love the this song. Great work! This is the best
arrangement I’ve heard so far! I love all of your guitar covers! Keep it
on, Peter Gergely. You Rock!

Đức Trần says:

awesome !!!

Yugo Fharhemus says:

Awesome. ….. 

Desi Lusiana Bia Sambe says:

Hy peter It was very well.. it’s cool…

Quentin_Potier says:

Best cover I’ve ever seen !

GermaineGrace Lu says:

Your so Amazing! 

Raymond Huang says:

do you have the tabs for this song that you can post?

Eleni Barbagianni says:

Wow man!! Ur a real talent!!! Greetings from Greece!!! 

Carlene Mclernon says:

Legendary love it !!! :)

aarxn says:

omg.your so talented ☺ thumbs up Peter

RangerEspino45 says:

Hey bro I loved this cover. Would you mind if I did a cajon cover of your

Diego Eduardo Barrera Hernández says:

Keeo on doing this kind a videos, i really loke them!!

Fabio Fagiani says:


Kelly Lau says:

Pure. Awesome. I play guitar but I am no one near as good as u!

Ma. Christina Cabrela says:

yeah coollllllllll

Mistrzu mistrzowy says:

OH my God ,look at that guy ! the best guitar cover eeeeeveeeeeeeeeeer! I
love you so much <3

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