DragonForce Through the Fire and Flames Guitar Cover

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I come from thailand
Fanpage https://www.facebook.com/ns.solo?ref=hl
Nong solo II http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4cM7FQF-ly_9QrFio_CQhA

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Juan Ayestas says:

Better playing than the boys from the band live, great work chinito.

MetalTizi says:

I love his smiles after every fast melody 😀 thumbs up man.

Andrews Viana says:

Also, good execution! :)

the reality i'ts only a dream says:

Solo hay una explicación para esto … Chinos

Rachmat Darmawan says:

Tak kiro wong solo

twilightxprincess999 says:

How can he not have more likes? That was soooooo great! He is really
awesome gosh! I play the electric guitar but can never manage to learn all
this song. Loved the cover!

ntate123 says:

I’m not going to lie… that was amazing! Most players that go for covers
of this song have trouble figuring out all the funny sounding parts or the
sliding and tapping, so improvise or emulate to the best of their ability.

You, my friend from Thailand, have figured everything out and played the
most ACCURATE cover of this song I’ve ever seen.

George Washington says:

this song is so easy. major scale sweeps, so much hammer ons. i can’t
belive why i thought this song was hard.

Rerisez Nomerzy says:

พี่คือ ความภาคภูมิใจของคนไทย!!!! ชอบมากครับ

Michal Tocimák says:

I wish I could play the guitar 🙁 I’m already 22 it’s pretty too late 🙁
btw hats off man I’m watching this one over and over

Rampant Redneck says:

was the name of the music used in the video intro? I like it…

λlvaro AkA Lawliet says:

its fun the fact that he can play it better live than Herman and Sam

Piyapong Poungfueng says:

เจ๋งครับพี่ แต่พวกฝรั่งยังหาว่า Sound ปลอม
คราวหน้าอัดเสียงสดโชว์เลยพี่ m/

torterra1777 says:

Dragonforce on Rocksmith maybe?

Teo Padilha says:

You’re awsome dude!!!!!! Oh my God

Jefferson Sales says:

three words for you, dude. you are awesome :)

พ่อมด ปลูกผัก says:

ไม่ได้เข้ามาวิพากษ์วิจารณ์คนอื่นสะนานเอาสักหน่อย -..-
นิ้วมือข้างซ้ายน้องยกมากไปหน่อยนะ คนที่เล่นมานานๆๆๆกระดิกนิดเดียวก็พอแล้ว
ที่จริงต้นตำหรับเล่นยังไม่เข้าตาลุงเลย -..-

GermanLyrics says:

I love how this asian guy just got a old german name ^^

Chris Howlin says:

Amazing dude. Your cover is The best.

I’m up to 3 minutes into the song.

Any chance you could share the tab you learned from ? 

NorthernMonkey says:

The saddest part is i will never be this good!

Aeros mith says:

6 days ago Tina S uploaded the same song cover and has now 3m views while
this Asian has 503k in one year, lol not all Asians can do everything
better, just go invent some useless robot 

Luke Rosdahl says:

How could this have dislikes . . ?

gabriel ryu miyazawa says:

please, somebady tell me what is the name of this song in the introduction.

NirmalKumar Bandyopadhyay says:

I didn’t like ZP. Replacing him was the best choice of Dragonforce.

Andrew Schiavo says:

100% absolutely perfect in every way, shape and form!!!!!

Friedhelm Winter says:

Asian. No wonder. Nailed the song. 

FesojNagod says:

waht just happened?

Catus CornerCity says:


dekoda searles says:

What the intro song

MegaAudiS3 says:

congrats man, that’s awesome. thumbs up

krishna kalptaru says:

Respect :)

This Isn't my real name Google. says:

intro song?

Lucas G. de Faria says:


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