Eminem – Mockingbird (Leila Voice cover)

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Cover of Mockingbird – Eminem


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Rec, Mix & Master by Gianluca Pellegrino

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Walky says:

Make “Stan” cover!! This is beautiful….

Robodruma says:

This is nice! I like this place in this video, fits good to the song 🙂
And yeah don’t care about the people who don’t like it. Haters are the
biggest fans.

Don Thrilla says:

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches,
but to reveal to him his own.

Leila Voice says:

Nuova traccia. Tanti sacrifici, tanti cambiamenti. Sono tornata, ora tocca
a voi!:)

Petr Kučera says:

If you like Eminem,then don’t fuck his songs…

ApricotFantasy | Simona Lissandro says:

Sei veramente brava, complimenti!

dio dadao ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ says:

You have a Strong Voice !! Really Nice Cover you nailed it (y) ♥

FernPlant3000 says:

Not even the song, its you that can rap for crap

Aline Emanuela Bellone says:

Grande Leila! 

RazoR says:

bellissima cover…Brava Leila! :)

FernPlant3000 says:

Oh god this is trash just like iggy’s raps

Jason Samburg says:


Kimberly Perez (WhispersDotEchos) says:

Courage, this girl has an accent you remind me of me!! I’m WhispersEcho
firmly known as Shystie
I’m not really that shy, I also rap /Sing and Play the Keyboard &Guitar….
This girl looks a lil like me !!! Only I have hazel eyes !!!!

Eminem – Mockingbird (Leila Voice cover): http://youtu.be/mb-iJCCatcw

Bray Wyatt says:

Good work girl. That wasn’t a bad cover, not at all!
Just keep at it girl. Good shooting for what you believe in. Weed out the
detractors and keep pushing forward.

inΦzierter says:

Hey, at first i have to say that i kinda like the cover but i have to say
that i don´t realy like that your version is more like Rap often sounds
(like scratchier and darker) and not as soft as the original (what i didn´t
expect). And i think that there are to many like “funny” moves in your
Video because the song is so serious…

Ruggero Morreale says:

bella cover

Giulia Pino says:

Brava Leila!! :)

Bene Gerlach says:

kill yourself pls

Ka Lid says:


Dom GT says:

I also have the all white Air Force ones

Imre Kóródi says:

Eminem – Mockingbird (Leila Voice cover): https://youtu.be/mb-iJCCatcw

Willy Hu says:


Tony Shev says:

ебать,лучше не танцевала бы…

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