Finnish Got Talent live DJ Performance (djPreal)

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Finnish Got Talent live DJ Performance (djPreal)

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dj emwee says:


FilmMovie Alanya says:

The name of the music played 1:27 ???????????? pls

Drexity Sood says:


Neko Nekbek says:

Why they actin like never seen a dj before?

Zephyrus says:

not bad. not great, but with some practice this guy could be pretty good.

MrHyllis says:

Well this platin are very sad

GoPro Music says:

haha awesome guy! :)

İbrahim Gurban says:

What a terrrible music show !!! :((( İt’s seriously very bad :((

djneven1 says:

nothing amazing about this at all haha

mohammed says:


mohammed says:


Wesley says:

This is really awesome 😀

frednoa says:

pfff n importe quoi! no matter what !

28Airwaves says:

Aww kiitti täst 🙂

TheDanielworld says:

Hes having so much fun! The judges looks un-impressed which is a shame!

sealwithabullet1 . says:

all he did was take 1 song and played it along with another, which the
mixer basically does for you! (with some minor pitch adjustments and timing)

Brian Do says:

this kid is sopp embaressing

Lennart OOA says:

Like it ! 😀

sealwithabullet1 . says:

Im not quite sure u guys know how easy this is….all hes doing is
mixing…..MIXING!….thats it. Hes not even adding any effects. This guy
is the most basic DJ ive ever seen. How on earth did this guy end up on a
tv show….wow….

Wolfy42O says:

but overall it is pretty simple if he was up against a dj with a good few
years of experience he would get destroyed

Neil Condori says:


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