Hozier – Take Me To Church – Cello Piano Guitar Voice Cover

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Here is our first performance in studio. Such an amazing experience !
Hope you will enjoy our cover of Hozier – Take Me To Church, as we did.
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Website : http://www.theninthattempt.com
Instagram : https://instagram.com/theninthattempt
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/the-ninth-attempt

Film director : Adrien Bosom : http://adrienbosom.com/

Thanks to Studio 7eme ciel.

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Reuben Samson says:

A gorgeous cover with such palpable depth of emotion. It would be ethereal
to hear you guys cover something like “Fall creek boys choir” by James
Blake and Bon Iver. That could induce a goosebump coma. 

The Ninth Attempt says:
Péché Gourmand says:

Ok… juste bravo!! <3 Les instruments, ta voix Anaïs... Tout est parfait!
Et la qualité est quand vachement meilleure en studio! XD Hâte de voir vos
prochaines reprises!! <3

Alice Prz. says:

Amazing performance :p
Je ne sais pas pq je parle en anglais x)

Alexi Muzic says:

Great performance! Nice mic:) I posted a youtube of Take Me To Church

Harixnerdz says:

Cette explosion à la fin j’ai trouvé ça magnifique, je m’y attendais pas du

Vous faites un travail énorme continuez c’est super

Erin Ollivant says:


Soo B says:

C’était super, bravo!!
Vous avez vraiment beaucoup de talent tous le 3

Ivo Nunes says:

Great cover ;)

Paul Lanteri-Minet says:

Bien joué ! Magnifique 

Tily D says:

Awesome cover! can’t wait for the next one!!!

Giorgia Emme says:

I llllllllllllooooove it! You’re my favourite band from YouTube guys!

A Tiny Blues says:

nice nice!

Liberum Veto says:

Good video 🙂 I like it :)

Christopher SORLIN says:

Toujours énorme comme d’habitude

LUC L says:

GG WP!!! Gros son et quelle performance.en route vers les 1M de vues :)

Fad BGH says:

Really nice !!! Keep it up !!!

Obrienrecords says:

très belle performance et montage !

Vini Vilella says:

Like, Fav, Share.
love you guys!

Antoine Vu says:

A very nice interpreted song. The film maker seemed to had as much fun as
your guys! Bravo!

Nina L says:


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