John Legend – All Of Me (fingerstyle guitar cover by Peter Gergely) [WITH TABS]

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This is my fingerstyle guitar cover of “All Of Me” by John Legend. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! 🙂

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Tabs (PDF):

Mixed by Eddie van der Meer, check him out, he’s an amazing guitarist:

Filmed by my brother Marcell.

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Peter Gergely says:

700,000+ views, thanks to everyone! Can we maybe get it to 1 million? Share
it with a friend! :)

Peter Gergely says:

Over 500,000 views? This is insane! Thanks a lot for watching guys! :)

STG says:


Peter Gergely says:

Thanks for all the love guys, you rule! 🙂 If you enjoyed this cover, you
can download it on:

– Loudr:
– iTunes:

DarkCreatorn says:

Hi Peter! Nice cover! Could you explain to us how you recorded the audio
and what did you use? 🙂 

Albert Gyorfi says:

*1 Million views !* That’s amazing man ! :)

Peter Gergely says:

You guys successfully unlocked the tabs so as always, links in the
description, have fun playing! :)

Anushka Rathore says:

Subscribed….you’re AMAZING!!

ohbrightsparks says:

holy moly i like

Zee Dot says:

Nice work!! great music and video.thumbs up

Victor Costi says:

Hey Petter ! I’d like to know what guitar you use in this video , or in
general for fingerstyle 😀 . Thanks in advice

Marko Miljkovic says:

Beautiful and nice fingerstyling man! Congratulations for 1.112.836 views!

Fabi G. says:

beautiful! Congrats

Sebastián Caris says:

i cant download the tabs ):

victor eu says:

what are you gonna do when get 100k?

Pudding says:

how long are you playing? :)

David Gmo says:

wow!!!! 1,110,386 congratulations Peter 😀 i saw this video for first time
when in only have 130,000 congratulations man :D!!!! 

makilide says:

Very cool mate, I like your playing, cheers 

sailentxx says:

Very nice, such clean sound! I wish I could play this lol.

Varick Low Jin Yue says:

Subscribed *thumbs up* nice nice :)))

funguy4utube says:

Superb !

Rizal Ahmad says:

You had a gifted talent to play the guitar in such a nice way. It also fits
your background surrounding too.. Wish you all the best.

Steven Goodine says:

From New Brunswick Canada excellent job you have inspired me to learn this

Feryoo says:

Excuse me, where I could find a tutorial to play that song as you or the
video does?

Ellesse Dawson says:


민화수 says:

it’s a very beautiful melody ….
thank you …

god bless you …

cameron cross says:

Hey man great cover! Congrats on 1 million views! what guitar are you
using, and what type of strings do you suggest for fingerstyle.


JB Del Rio Jr. says:

Peter you Deserve alot of Fans and more Subsribers in the world good luck
and you are a nice guitarist :)

Boss Loss says:

what type of guitar brand is this??

Lit' Miss says:

this is amazing 🙂 ! thnks for tabs!

Aatian Kailasapillai says:

Well,I see you have more than a Million views
already.Congratulations,probably this is the best fingerstyle arangement of
All of Me.Gareth Evans arangement video is watched around 300.000 so you
did very well.

ron milavec says:

Amazing bro.can u do a guitar lesson video for this song?what’s the tuning
on it?

Leyla says:

Just Beautiful<3 :)

Leen says:

You’re handsome and this is very good, keep going ^_^

Guitar Stuff says:

Great Cover :)

Viet Anh Tran says:

Amazing and thanks a lot for tabs :).

martin arenas says:

1.100.00 views woow

Stromwick power says:

This is so beautiful that first time I heard this I instantly got chills :)

ryoma echizen says:

wow? nice fingerstyling . . .

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