Little Talks Guitar Cover by Lego Mindstorms

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Роботы lego играют на гитаре, и у них неплохо это получается

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MadWard#2 says:

On the tab at 2:08 you can see Darude – Sandstorm

Dennis T. says:

now build me a robot that can play wintersun and I’m impressed

valentin robert says:

Nice, but does it djent?

Uberchord Engineering says:

Check out this robot built from LEGOs that was programmed to play guitar:

#Lego #legos #Guitar #Robot #Robotics #EV3 #LegoMindstorms 

Adventure Time says:
Troy O'Brien says:

Out of time in the verses but still impressive 

Frans Georges says:

Still better than Lil’ Wayne 

Answer4canceR says:

But can it play Dragonforce

Fuyí Taratzu says:

Se escucha más el sonido de los engranajes que el de la guitarra: es una
reverendísima poronga.

79 Prozent says:

Wow that’s amazing!!!! How much time did it take to program it and can I
make a music wish ? :D

Ahnaf Sakib says:


strrett strrett says:

а мурку смагете?

Дима Колонтай says:


Pablo Granda says:

that moment when you realize that a robot plays guitar better than your

Denis Savenkov says:

Song pls

Antal-Arpad Kakassy says:

so now people can say even lego blocks can play guitar why not a blockhead
like you ? :)) 

Angel Farrera says:

its fantastic how you apply the programming, mechanic and control skills on
this project, and im pretty sure that most of the guys here dont understand
what are they really watching, by the way the mechanism its awesome

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