Mister Keos Dee DJ – DJ Performance [Hardstyle]

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Website: http://www.misterkeosdj.net

In my opinion there is no DJ that can be defined as such if you at least once did not mix with the vinyl.
The largest ones are started from this, Tiësto, David Guetta, Carl Cox, Gigi D’Agostino, Gabry Ponte. No I’m wrong!

It ‘just the figure and the art of the DJ is playing from vinyl!

Not at all DJ is short for “Disc Jockey”.

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Francesco Pullia says:
MrHeadhunterz1990 says:

du musst mal aufräumen 😀 aber sonst nicht schlecht^^ nice work man!

Doctors of Chaos Records says:

@TheBassKill Can you speack English?

LaZaR90ful says:

NICE BUT PIONNER HDJ 1000 is fake 😉

Doctors of Chaos Records says:

@Hardstyle4live1 Thank you, watch the other videos in @misterKeosDJ account
and search “Keos Mix in the space” for my last mix…

Doctors of Chaos Records says:

@RichardxAstur1 Thank you Richard… Please, watch the other video

Doctors of Chaos Records says:

@LaZaR90ful Listen my other mix in the @misterKeosDJ channel. Watch also my
other music video with mine songs.

Doctors of Chaos Records says:

@AimingToTheDJ Hey, listen my song “I don’t forget you” channel:

Music Dee Jay says:


TheBassKill says:

Räum dein Zimmer mal auf Aber gut gemacht

Hardstyle4live1 says:

You are a great mixer. That is a fact.

Micia Pazza says:

you are a Phenomenon of music <3

Artur Burczyński says:

great 🙂 P.S how can you give a comment on this video, I will be grateful
for the comment: /watch?v=I1gzbawYk2o&feature=channel_video_title

Music Dee Jay says:

@LaZaR90ful Infacts is Technics 1210 mk2, and not Piooner HDJ 1000 as you

Doctors of Chaos Records says:


maria Guarnieri says:

nn mi parlare di Erotique…l ho già eliminato dalla mia vita !

Doctors of Chaos Records says:

@4sdhiiri Thank you… Watch the other videos @misterKeosDJ

maria Guarnieri says:

terrone by con coppola e coltello …yo n. 10

Ricardo Laso González says:

Joder todo un artista MisterkeosDJ.

4sdhiiri says:


FrancescoPullia says:

is done on purpose!! xD subscribe to misterKeosDJ channel, I will upload
new mixes!!! 😉

threex1 says:

omg your cords are so unorganized

Project Alpha says:

i think your intro could be a bit more fancy if you understand me? Not like
bam bam, more like a nice lyrics or some nice melody? Btw. Very nice remix!

Music Dee Jay says:

@TheBassKill into the next time 😉

CanabisHardstyle says:

nicht schlecht aber die übergänge sind zu eintönig

Doctor Keos says:

Qua la coppola era diversa di quella del Karma / Borgo dei Sensi a
Milano…era meno erotique!

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