Royals – (“Sad Clown With The Golden Voice” Version) – Lorde Cover

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Our friend Puddles (from Puddles Pity Party) joined us for this cover of Lorde’s “Royals.” For the uninitiated: Puddles is a 7 foot tall sad clown with a voice like Tom Jones. You can check out his wanderings on here: and


30-April – Boston, MA; Wilbur Theatre
1-May – Providence, RI; Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
2-May – Northampton, MA; Calvin Theatre
3-May – Montreal, QC, Canada; Theatre Corona Virgin Mobile
6-May – New York, NY; Best Buy Theater
8-May – Clifton Park, NY; Upstate Concert Hall
9-May – New Haven, CT; Toad’s Place
10-May – Patchogue, NY; Emporium
13-May – Philadelphia, PA; Trocadero Theatre
14-May – Stroudsburg, PA; Sherman Theater
15-May – Richmond, VA; The National
16-May – Norfolk, VA; The Norva
17-May – Silver Spring, MD; The Fillmore
19-May – Asheville, NC; Orange Peel
20-May – Charlotte, NC; Amos’ Southend
21-May – Nashville, TN; Cannery Ballroom
22-May – Atlanta, GA; Buckhead Theatre
23-May – Jacksonville, FL; Jazz Festival
24-May – Orlando, FL; Plaza Live
26-May – Pensacola, FL; Vinyl Music Hall
27-May – New Orleans, LA; House of Blues
28-May – Houston, TX; Warehouse Live
29-May – Austin, TX; Paramount Theatre
31-May – Dallas, TX; South Side Music Hall
2-June – Kansas City, MO; Crossroads KC
3-June – St. Louis, MO; The Pageant
4-June – Chicago, IL; Vic Theatre
5-June – Royal Oak, MI; Royal Oak Music Theatre
6-June – Toronto, ON, Canada; Danforth Music Hall
7-June – Cleveland, OH; House of Blues
9-June – Columbus, OH; Newport Music Hall
10-June – Milwaukee, WI; Turner Hall
11-June – Madison, WI; Majestic Theatre
12-June – Minneapolis, MN; Mill City Nights
14-June – Denver, CO; Gothic Theatre
16-June – Seattle, WA; The Showbox
17-June – Vancouver, BC, Canada; Vogue Theatre
18-June – Portland, OR; Crystal Ballroom
19-June – San Francisco, CA; The Regency Ballroom
20-June – Oakland, CA; California Symphony
23-June – Los Angeles, CA; Club Nokia

2015 Postmodern Jukebox European Tour Dates:

3-Mar – Oslo, Norway; Parkteateret
4-Mar – Gothenburg, Sweden; Nefertiti
5-Mar – Stockholm, Sweden; Fasching
6-Mar – Copenhagen, Denmark; DR Concert Hall
7-Mar – Hamburg, Germany; Knust
8-Mar – Berlin, Germany; Lido
10-Mar – Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg; Rockhal (club)
11-Mar – Lyon, France; Transclub
12-Mar – Paris, France; Alhambra
13-Mar – Cologne, Germany; Luxor
14-Mar – Frankfurt, Germany; Zoom
16-Mar – Zurich, Switzerland; Kaufleuten
17-Mar – Prague, Czech Republic; Lucerna Music Bar
18-Mar – Warsaw, Poland; Stodola
19-Mar – Ostrava, Czech Republic; Garage
20-Mar – Vienna, Austria; Porgy & Bess

The band:
Puddles the Clown – lead vocals
Robyn Adele Anderson & Cristina Gatti – backup vocals
Adam Kubota – bass
Allan Mednard – drums
Scott Bradlee – piano & arranger

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ScottBradleeLovesYa says:

Puddles and PMJ released another Lorde cover today- I put a link in the

Jan Wildeboer says:

I am a big fan of Lorde. But the Postmodern Jukebox version of Royals kicks
ass. And shows (by being quite close to the original) how effin cool Lorde
is. Enjoy.

StereoSpace says:

The Filipina on the left is gorgeous.

donald servais says:

how many times will I have to watch this its been over 2 weeks still 5
times a day or more ho do I stop?

Brian Workman says:

Just a reminder that this piece of amazing is out there.

Clay Caviness says:

Have you ever wanted to see a giant sad clown sing a lounge cover of a
hugely popular pop song?

No? Well, here you go anyway.

Docktor Jim says:

Love that it’s filmed in the living room of a cheap tract house.

Michael Baker says:

If you hate clowns, just give this guy a chance. You might decide that
clowns can be awesome.

Royals – (“Sad Clown With The Golden Voice” Versi…:

Matheus Peixoto says:

The last missing phrase always give me chills.

Marla Hughes says:

Blame +Dan Lewis He started it!

emma lovesmushrooms says:

This was cool but it sounds so close to the original.

Jennifer Kalashian says:


trilingualkid says:

fucking clown is scaring me…O.o

Roman Zelenko says:

just goosebumps. excellent performance!

AndrewKendall71 says:

That guy’s hilarious.
And good grief! …is that how tall I look?!
**is also 6 foot 8**

Dan Radice says:

Check out this video amazing song

VWGTI says:

shit this is scary!

NotASpyReally says:

he really has a golden voice omg

Jay Stevens says:

I fucking love listening to your voice!!!!!!!

login login says:

Russians love you! One more time, for Russians!

wayne morgan says:

Hey miss Sadie, this is for you!

Ed White says:

almost 11 million views….kinda says it ALL doesn’t it?
this is awesome, and the REAL cream DOES rise-

I LOVE how he looks all pissed off when he leaves-lol

adeodatosj says:

I’m scared!!! But somehow I like it!

kenneth pemberton says:

i am a metal head,but this is awesome .buying a ticket for the Chicago show
on may 8th

Alexandre Correa says:

@StereoSpace I don’t know what that chick is but I bet that pussy is tight
as hell. She looks like a moaner.

Romina Candia says:
ShoodeX says:

I really like this cover , but I prefer Lorde’s voice for this song

zillajratomicray says:

Wait, so how does this video have 10 million views if there are only 7
million people on the planet?

mrsteve hartman says:

I wanna bone them chicks…

rodrigo catintay says:

Royals – (“Sad Clown With The Golden Voice” Version) – Lorde Cover:

Oso Wallman says:

wow, an entire year has passed since i watched this first. I still cruise
youtube looking for the latest puddles posting and see how much has
happened in a year. This group PMJ and Puddles came at a very good time in
my life and gave lift to a tough time. Puddles gave me a place to put my
sad and also an avenue to see the beauty of that important and necessary
emotion. Instead of dwelling on the sad i see how transformation can come
through perseverance and process and having the sound of Big Mikes voice
gives power to these actions. Thank you Puddles, Scott and all the
musicians that made this happen. 


Que a gente saiba reconhecer o valor da companhia do outro. …. E espero
que todo mundo possa encontrar o amor da sua vida !!!!!!

William Nelson says:

Puddles best cover.

Pandy's Oubliette says:

This has been stuck in my brain for days! Puddles has such an expressive

Manolo Quezon says:
Chuck Brown says:

Not really sure what to say about this…but you should watch at least 30
seconds of it, just to say you did. 😉

Henry Yuki says:

Sent by Miranda Sings :/ thanks Miranda

artyob says:

He looks like Twisty from American Horror Story Freak Show it’s disturbing

PLwhyduck says:

This clown reminds me American Horror Story: Freak Show:D

Vina Dwijayanti Then says:

kinda creepy with the clown’s face..
but really love the song & voice & version..
i’m listening without watching the video.. >_<

Daniel lancome says:

I really disliking guys singing…I just think they always sound bad but he
is actually pretty cool, very clear, pure voice.

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