Stay With Me – Sam Smith – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

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For sheets visit my website:
A piano cover of Sam Smith.
Arranged and performed by YourPianoCover.

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“Stay With Me” originally by Sam Smith.
Written by: Sam Smith, James Napier and William Phillips.
Published by: Sony, Universal.
Hi and welcome to YourPianoCover.

My name is Holm (“Home”) and I make arrangements of popular songs for piano = piano cover. My goal is to make somewhat accurate transcriptions so it is possible to play along with the original song, and I want the arrangements to be easy to learn and play but at the same time fun and challenging.

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Have fun playing piano 🙂


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YourPianoCover says:

Wow! 10000 subscribers. Thank you. I hope my vidoes help you play your
favorite songs. I’m still working on getting the permission to share the
sheet music, but I’m hitting a wall almost where I go. I’m not giving up
though! Someday the sheets will be available. Thanks for your patience. In
the mean time you should check out my latest cover Stay With Me by Sam
Smith. It’s a great song and I love playing it :)

YourPianoCover says:

Sheets for Stay With Me is now available on my website! :)

taine vanbrugh says:

gosh honestly only just realized how beautiful the actual music is

Holly White says:

I love your piano, and thanks for the awesome cover! :3

samson manoj says:

BTW ur piano covers are best !!!!
can u pls pls pls do one on laughter lines by Bastille ? it would be
awesome . Such. a nice song . KEEP UP THE AWESOME PIANO SKILLZ

Hey ItsBryony says:

Your amazing! One of my favourite songs! I upload covers too and would
really appreciate it if anyone could check them out? :)

Magdalena Mąka says:

Hi, Where I can download this notes for piano? I’m from Poland and my
english it’s no perfect 😀 

Christine Truong says:


rigstig says:

Can you please do a piano cover for See You Again by Wiz Khalifa (thumbs up
all the Furious 7 ppl 😀 )

Nurul Nadzirah says:

Love the piano cover and thanks for providing the sheet too!

Tammy Thompson says:

Could you please do rude boy by rihanna

Huongxeng Chang says:

Love the tutorial, showing us the sheet helps me read the notes too lol

jman8498 says:

Is this person a man or woman? The hands seem manly but the legs/uggs
suggest woman

Danijel Kovacic says:

Great and nice sheets, btw check my cover of this song on my channel

javier mendez says:

Could you do a piano cover of Mary j blige – be without you or Beyonce – if
I were a boy

jeremy brown says:

you wouldn’t happen to have the MIDI file of your version would you? i just
got the piano and cannot read music yet but i have been learning quiet well
with the synthesia program. and i understand its probably the wrong way to
learn correctly but i really just want to play this song and as quick as
possible lol

Alberto Ortega says:

beautyful!!! :,)

Palvina Gopaul says:

Where are you, you said you would come back in September…??

Cafmel Calero says:

I left my music class (for reasons out of my control), where I used to
practice with sheets and the example of the teachers. Practicing alone is
hard: YouTube videos promote the learning without knowing how to read and
the classmates that helped you with sheets were changed for people who just
asked for songs learned with syntesia vids; which I love and hate at the
same time because I couldn’t have the both things!
That’s why I wanted to write a Thank You coment, yourpianocover! Even when
the sheets out of the vid aren’t available I thought that nobody no more
cares about learning a song and knowing how to write it! Thank you very
much! And can you do more songs like this: inspirational(?)(that is the
category?)you should know

Nadya Miroslavova says:

In which key/scale is the song? 🙂 

Piano Around the World says:

Hey this is pretty good! one of my favorites

Paul Valero says:

This is great! Can you do one for Grace Potter’s song Timekeeper? I love
that song.

Theworldofbestfriend says:

Coule you do firestone by kygo please? I love your Cover! ☺️

xXx says:

oh nvm, i got it! modulated key, i wish you just added bs to each single


Can u PLEASEEE do rude by magic???? IF U COULD THANK YOU

deathbanana888 says:

Beautiful, just beautiful. I wonderful song made more beautiful without the
words. I would love this in Eb for my bari sax if you have transposing
software :)

Laura AE says:

Wow just perfect!!!! I loveeee it, I will probably play it as well, with
link to your very cool channel!! Thanks for sharing!

Robert Marcussen says:

I can stay withe me even on the piano

D YL says:

Awsome. Nice darts!!

Solangel Núñez Bustamante says:
yong lim says:


Victoria Soig says:

heey, i have a youtube channel and i want to use your piano cover in my
first video. can i use it? im from argentina. ur cover is awesome.

Magda Bielaga says:

You are playing so good. Nice to listening to you when u are playing 

Annettejelle Cuevas says:
Molly Dunnington says:

This is amazing. U are a truly talented person:)

Adnan Ammara says:

anyone get sheet please?

samuel aristo says:

You’re playing it very nice. Btw i need your help. Can i have the piano
sheet and send it to my e-mail ? 

Dominik Blasko says:

Not only you transcribe it nicely, but you also play very beautifully. Very
pleasant to listen to.

Tom Alderson says:

what camera do you use to record the video ? 

Espoir Kriss says:


jelicans says:

That G7 pulls my ear 🙂 Beautiful 

timothyellwood says:

Why don’t you try palying this by ear? Bland and boring.

Jessee Hartsock says:

Try doing Shake it off or all about that bass or even lips are movin.
Appreciate it.

Adi x says:

where can i find the sheet? youre playing amazing!

xXx says:

hey, i got the sheets but im confused about the gb, Ab and such above the
music lines, whats this? how do i play that?

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