Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran – 5 YouTuber Collab (fingerstyle guitar cover)

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This is a jamming take on “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran featuring Gareth Evans, Andrew Foy, Eddie van der Meer, Andre van Berlo and myself. It was recorded in February while we were all in Dordrecht (The Netherlands) for the Dutch Acoustic Guitar Event.

We wanted to perform a song together so we started jamming “Thinking Out Loud” – this is actually like our 2nd or 3rd try, we just thought it’d be fun to capture it. The next day, at the end of the concert we performed it live (along with “All Of Me” by John Legend) and it was a huge success.

The video was shot by Jamie Hughes and the audio was recorded and mixed by Eddie van der Meer.

Thanks for the amazing weekend guys!

People in this video:
– Andrew Foy:

– Andre van Berlo:

– Eddie van der Meer:

– Gareth Evans:

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Peter Gergely says:

Since my Q&A video is delayed a bit due to some issues, I hope you will
enjoy this little practice take on “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran
featuring Gareth Evans, Andrew Foy, Eddie van der Meer, Andre van Berlo and

Andrew Foy says:

I’ll never forget this! Especially, we get to Andre’s house and Gareth
says, “let’s play Thinking Out Loud together”. Ok.. That’s cool I’m
thinking. I haven’t played it in like a month but that’s ok.. Then Gareth
says, “andrew why don’t you do the solo”? What?!!! Trying not to screw up
surrounded by these guys is the definition of panic!! But what a great
experience. Miss you guys.

Eddie van der Meer says:

The memories .. can’t wait to meet you all again! ^-^

Pudding says:

its like fucking seeing a collab between the olymp0us gods o.o i love every
fucking one of you!!

SenserLP says:

Wow….just Wow 😮 

BRockandriffs says:

Absolutely amazing I am at a loss for words

Arashi Raiku says:

OMG. The best of the best making colab video. Wow…just wow

Azriel Aurelio says:

The synchronized thumb tapping is creeping me out

Alister Ace Alambra says:

Bravo!! Sounded divine! Great cover by all of you!

Ross o Regan Guitar says:

I wish i was there to listen to that live! Sounds awesome :)

Protect Jeloh - Leader says:

those riffs fit perfectly, cant believe theyre improvised

Cléo Swift says:

Wow. Rip me. This is just perfect

Joy Hsu says:

This is so cool each of you have different style. Make the song beautiful!!

MaxyChin Vlogs says:

Awwwww! You guys are so cute! Please perform here in the Philippines!
Filipinos love guitarists. U play nice! 🙂 hope ur have a great day!

Judy Huang says:

sinking in the cover, you guys are incredible. it’s beautiful and amazing!

KoreaSilver Katarina says:

wow.. It’s really the perfect guitar playing.

Flymini - says:

When I see you guys, I don’t know if I should put my guitar away, cause
I’ll never be as good as you are. Or if I should take my guitar and never
stop playing to become
better … Great video! :)

Norvin Navarro says:

just imagine if Sungha Jung is with them. That would’ve been freakin’

Kaustubh Rajpathak says:

nice one…!.one more cover with ed sheeran himself and you will have a
broken internet..!

Noman Monzer says:

So happy u reached 100k. Subs ❤️ u and gareth evans are my favorite 

Abdul Moiz says:

Simply amazing :’)

NoMenPlay HD says:

nice vid dude :D

digydog draddy says:

dam good stuff

BeyCinema says:

I love how all of their styles just mix in together perfectly! Love you
guys! ^_^

Kevin Le says:

Awesome collab! I absolutely loved it. :)

Good Mage says:

Wow, Yes you there the whole gang :)

jack daniels says:

Did u See u finaly reached the 100 k? 

Nutchanon Charnwutiwong says:


Myca Maryl Simbre says:

This is awesome! Hope to hear more from you guys

Adolfo Jerez says:

Wow +Peter Gergely it is very beautiful. Amazing! You are amazing. It would
be a privilege to play guitar with you. Hopefully

Alasdair's Atomic Music says:

I wish I was like you guys. you deserve so many more views 

ChromeVelocity says:

the guy with black hair sitting next to you honestly looked like your
younger brother lol

Cesar Ambalada says:

Why didn’t you guys use Gareth’s solo arrangment?? But still good job! :)

Galvin Lee says:

5 times the awesomeness! *A big thumbs up!* :)

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