Van Halen – Eruption Guitar Cover

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“Eruption” solo played by Tina (14 y.o.), taught and filmed by her teacher Renaud Louis-Servais ( )
Guitar model: Vigier Excalibur Custom.

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Dejan Amebot says:

How do you even play something so intense so epicly without making crazy
guitar faces?

Superformance72 says:

1267 people just realized that after playing all their lives, they still
can’t play as good as Tina S at 14 :P

Ricardo Garza says:

Dang…… #guitarsolo #music #instrumental
Thanks Scott Ellis posting music from this #guitarist 

James Guvercin says:

How on earth have over 1000 people disliked this 

jcmmanuel says:

Tina S. playing a great, speedy Van Halen guitar solo. Just 3 weeks ago
someone already noticed the dislikes and commented: “1267 people just
realized that after playing all their lives, they still can’t play as good
as Tina S at 14”. That may be true. What makes someone watch a young girl
performing like this and then decide they must ‘dislike’ it? Imagine
someone who doesn’t like guitar solo’s. Or even someone who believes young
girls shouldn’t be busy ‘copying’ Van Halen solo’s. Even those people would
normally have the decency to either click the ‘like’ button or click
nowhere at all. But apparently, for some people, ‘disliking’ an obvious 14
year old talent is their default reaction. Like they are pessimists who
cannot create meaning and hope from seeing a good thing happening.

It’s probably a generation problem. Clearly SOME 14 year old girls can play
like this – some people cannot really handle that. Many of our young people
today do all sorts of amazing things – in the arts or even in science. They
even show us how to think with more empathy about our world. Remember 15
year old Ann Makosinski who invented a flashlight that shines just by
holding it in your hand? It was an idea she had in mind for people in
countries where not everyone has access to the electrical grid. So they can
read a book, for instance. There are many such examples, and it tells us
that there is hope, there is creativity among the new generation. How can
we ‘dislike’ this? No: how can we be so MISSING the point? Maybe some
people are just… missing the goodwill to be human.

Aniko Hoover says:

Who says 14 year old girls can’t play guitar? #guitar #vanhalen #rock 

Malena Masarap says:

the 1K who disliked are either jealous or deaf

Bob Karcher says:

Si on ne lit aucune expression sur son visage c’est parce qu’aucun
impresario ne lui a encore appris à faire des grimaces! Elle n’a pas
besoin d’en rajouter!

Graham Nash says:

and one more time,,,,,, ,damn only 15

THEO Robs says:


Erik Turtev says:

Good , but Hendrix is better !

OmegaDerps says:

Wh…wh… what? I am so impressed. I shat bricks. Not because she is a
girl, because of her age. It took My cousion 4 years to master this solo.
He started playing at age 15. Now, he can play any solo you can name. How
old is this girl? I Can’t Belive it.

Joe Mamma says:

But the real question is, what does Mr. Eddie VanHalen think of this solo??
Maybe she should replace him when he retires…

Petra_ CiCi50 says:

*Tina S., playing the Van Halen guitar solo “Eruption” …. she is 14 years
old ……. wow ?!!!*

Do Bap says:

To all the people calling dislikers “jealous.” Trust me the song isn’t very
hard to play. The fact that Tina can play it at 14 is cool and it shows
that she is a talented guitarist. But once you have about a few years
guitar experience the song really isn’t that hard to learn, it does take a
lot of time and I used to give up on eruption at around that age because it
was taking too long lol. But there are definitely better guitar solos out
there better than eruption which im sure she can play. Because although
eruptions cool and all it really doesn’t sound like anything.

sciencekiller224xxx says:

better than the original…gurl power

Chase VanDuyne says:

I can only do the finger taping part holy crap your good.

Steve Lundberg says:


Ronnie Phookan says:


Milan .Chara says:

whoa whoa whoa….we all know that kendall james Lodevijk barnes is the
greatest guitarist ever…..barnes is Allah!

Kostia M. says:

I don’t understand why so many people like this solo. I don’t hate it. I
play guitar for over 5 years, I know how interesting this may be to
guitarists. But this don’t sound ok together. I don’t hear the main theme.
This is like random pieces of solos from different songs. 

Robert Alcorn says:

unbelievable one of the hardest rock songs to play and she makes it look

Hazel Lewry says:

And what I LOVE about her most – ?
She doesn’t look like those constipated old rockers attempting to appear
sincerely rocked out by their own abilities. She plays amazingly well, with
what appears to be minimal effort. And not once contorts her face in
Get over it guys. She’s bloody good.

Ashley Gonzalez says:


Agostino Falcone says:

non male la ragazzina :)

Ayush Sinha says:

Im 13 year old and i can only play STH and purple haze :(

Gunther Preiß says:
jackson junior says:

Van Halen – Eruption Guitar Cover:

Felipe Santos says:

marry me :3 ?

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