Vivica – You’re The Voice – (Cover of Original by John Farnham) Live Studio Session

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Recorded in one single take.
Vivica’s Cover of “You’re The Voice” – Original by John Farnham

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KyleBer says:

this is perfect!! love it!

claire sutton says:

Phenomenal ! 

Trevor Norton says:

God all mighty, just a saying, but Jessssssses I can’t wait to hear you
sing this 12 months from now. Such guts. Such power. You are going to put
Johhny to shame. It takes guts and courage to Sing this song. YOU young
Lady, have the guts to make your name be known. I love everything you Sing
and I am excited with your rapid improvement with every upload.

James M.G. Pendragon says:

Now THAT’S Vivica performing a sensational song- KILLER VOICE!

John Halls says:

AWESOME, Vivica. Your rendition sent shivers down my spine. You have such a
powerful voice for one so young. Stardom is just around the corner, so keep
looking *smiles*

Firestarter844 says:


Kate Barry says:

This is amazing, can see true potential in you!

Sara Pitkin says:

You have an amazing voice!

tigertje rolleyes says:

had to log in just to say WOW – don´t stop singing – good luck x

mozzmann says:

I’d actually like to know if their Voices would work together doing a

Bobby Skelton says:

love it 

mbrooker79 says:

Very nice. You put a lot of heart into it, which is what the song is about.
It could probably go a key higher though if you can get there. Awesome work

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