Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth (piano cover)

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Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth (piano cover) Fast & Furious 7 (Sound Track)

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0AdRiaNleE0 says:

First !!

saffatlol says:

Every time I listen to one of your covers I always think I’m going to like
the original and get so disappointed that it’s not as good as this

littlemisscandy100 says:

Awww I wish I could play this!! Lovely cover :)

Araina Brooke says:

Amazing!!!! (As always) ;)

KAOZSS says:

Are there sheets for this cover? :)

Set Ka says:

очень красиво! плохо, что я продала фортепиано(
прослушав – захотелось поиграть.

chris71388 says:

I was just listening to this song. Really touching tribute to Paul Walker.

Fra Boyus says:

Race In Paradise

– Paul Walker ✊

neronsin97 says:

For Paul.

David Randolph says:

Beautiful! Awesome job man!!!

Sergio Mendez-Rivas says:

Can you pleaaaase post more Coldplay covers??

AnimePianoAngel says:

First! A Wonderful song! RIP Paul walker!

Pat Shannahan says:

Such a good cover, would appreciate it if people could check out mine too!

Leonardo Dias says:

You are awesome man! Keep it up!

Lauren Plays Piano says:

Lovely cover :)


Wow what a coincidence you posted this the day I saw fast and furious 7 in
the cinema.

Liam Prentice says:

Such a beautiful tune and well played.

Adrian Lee says:


damar jati adhi nugroho says:

0AdRiaNleE0 i love it….in my memory for Paul william walker…
thnks bro….

Marco Witteman says:

Paul Walker

nathan rutter says:


ignesha31 says:

beautiful !!

fluffy8108 says:

where I can find the piano sheet. I will play this song

nancy stitt says:

This is incredible and so moving! I have never heard this song before but
you played it beautifully!

Tom Hay says:

Make tutorials!!

LRschell says:

Perfect! :D

simon629DK says:

Spot on :-)

Manh Hung Bui says:


Doha Babez says:

I act love this song soo much like u don’t even know 

Kajal Pandorica says:

This is perfect oh wow



shannon scxIO says:


Alessandro Carminati says:


Rakha Eza says:

Best cover !

optimusprine1310 says:

Absolutely amazing as usual

Jack Huntington says:

7th view!

Lisa says:

Do you have any sheets? ITS SO AMAZING

Loud Visualz says:

This touched my soul and i don’t even have a one.

Jack Huntington says:

7th view!

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