Yamato DJ Performance -BLACK-

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Yamato DJ Performance -BLACK-

Produced by VJ NAKAICHI

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Pioneer DJ says:

Liking this talent from 2013 Burn Residency +YamatoOfficial

DJsounds says:

Best Of Web – A very impressive DJ routine performed on a full Platinum
Pioneer DJ set, 4 CDJ-2000NXS’, a DJM-900NXS and a RMX-1000 by DJ +


Varsha Santhosh says:

D J RoCkZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

D-Squared says:

My jaw hasn’t left the ground. HOLY FUCK

D-Squared says:

holy you’re even using the super extremely expensive Pioneer digital COAX
cables. only feature I didn’t see you use was the blue Quantize button on
the DJM900. any reason why? you use rekordbox already. wouldn’t it make the
BPM on the DJM900 EXACT to the music, instead of the audio analysis bpm
detection it normally uses?

Jay Anderson says:

Zabiela has a son?

Camilo Cortes says:

super!!!!!! tracklits pleases!!! 

Natalia Paris says:

ufff GREAT!!! 

weijie thio says:

what the name of the music at 7.32

DJ Axon says:

That was a kick ass set. Easily one of the best I have ever seen. I look
forward to seeing more!

Inmo says:

tracklist porfa, estan perrisimas las rolas

Roland Mányó says:

1:57 track name? 🙂 please 

Hahaha Hahaha says:


Felipe S.s. says:

you rock man !!

Dj Thomas Nguyen says:


jimmy vargas machuca says:


sanii plascencia says:

I love your performance can you doing other one

JoKeR and Aharmlesspanda says:

This guy likes his Minimal songs

Saptha Wanniarachchi says:
ZkFlow De La Torre says:

The actual No. 1 DJ has this skills?

i think the same…

Doriam Mustang says:

Hoy en dia no puedo definir que excita mas; los autos o la musica… ese
momento incomodo en el que quieres 4 pantallas para tener tus pasiones al
mismo tiempo… y que cuatro 15″s no son suficientes.. :/
mejor sigo estudiando…

eaterofluck says:

the dj is amazing!!! But there is too much cutting in the video!!! Would
much rather just watch him mix without all the CU shotsd

Giro Metan says:


Roger Stiller Dj says:

Amazing !

DJ_Mehdi DJ_M_R_ says:

(The) names of this place mp3s know Det?? 

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