You’re The Voice cover by Awsa

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Askew Sessions- Covers for fun #2:
One rehearsal. One take. What we get is what we use. Then we eat cake.

wearing a retro, old school Norwegian Marius-jumper, particularly for the occasion.

OBS! There are commercials on this video somehow, not vetoed or wanted, accepted or wished for by me. Out of my hands unfortunately. Very sorry for that.

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sehnaz1 says:

That was really good. One of the best covers of Your the Voice I’ve heard
on You tube.
Your voice suited the song.

francis bath says:

How fantastic what a version. Had a terrible day- this made me really
smile. Thanks Brill group work :)

biel sanchez fernandez says:

you are the voice and the most beautiful thing :)

Brad Benedetti says:

this is possibly the greatest thing on youtube. I was like “it’s just a
youtube cover, they’ll do some acoustic cover of the bagpipes.” NO FUCK YOU

TouchingSkies says:

Cool, original and enjoyable

jairo sanchez says:

excelente… y la gaita no podia faltar… very niceeee

Nancy Li says:

Smashing it! Amazing!

Laurens Romeijn says:

verrrrry goooooooooood

Cristian Elgueta says:

que bueno como le pones todo el corazón a esa canción, que sale de lo
mismo… me encanta ver a la gente cantar con tanta pasión, felicidades!!

Carlos Veras says:


MMJZAgius says:

Using a female voice. That’s cheating. No complaints though if she has a
voice I’ll happily listen to. Which you do. :)

myfavoritedrime mycanal says:

Cool chick and her amazing voice and even on top of this amazing song ….

Alan Gagan says:

I had to play this in front of 1,400 people at southport theater for a
child line concert
Russell Watson was on the same bill 

Tatochka15 says:

Amazing guys !

falcon7121 says:

I`ve been a huge fan of John Farnham for over 20 years and i don`t think
anybody should touch this song, but wow you did a fantastic job singing it.
You have a great voice.
I loved it.

hympa30 says:

one of my favourite youtube covers. First time viewing, you’re all awesome.
Beautiful girl with a beautifiul voice. Would love to jam with you guys

Andy Quincy says:

its so Fking good and shes not using any pro microfones or any proffesional
equipment(yes a sincere question not a statement, and sorry for the

Jen Carter says:

It’s no keytar, but EPIC none the less!!

1stclassninjasoup says:


lala loopsy says:

Amazing speechless

Caleb Michel says:


awsamusic says:

@0AdbA0 Hey er…0AdbA0. Thank you for your compliment, I love that you
like it. It is a brilliant song and we had lots of fun recording it. At the
end of the year I intend to put all my covers together on an album and
release it. Will let you know when that happens and you can have/get/buy
the song, whatever you think is cool.

Destiny Dark Child says:

OMG it was that good i cried LOL love you xoxoxo

JennyWasn01 says:

This is by far my favorite cover of this song. THANK YOU. You have an
incredibly beautiful voice, and you’re funny too :]

Steve Moss says:

Hello. I’m your neighbour. I’ve been trying to sleep but I can’t get John
Farnham’s ‘the voice’ out of my head. Plus, when I left the flat the other
day a bagpiper was standing in the hallway muttering something about a bag
of crisps?

MrWaffle007 says:

I love how at the begginning it was all scripted I mean… “Why that song?”
XD So funny not cheap in anyway just hilarious

Caleb Michel says:

At 6:03 that guy scared the hell outta me

anarchopk says:

that was pretty sweet! i dug it. the surprise was way cool too

AlexParkourLinz says:

fudging awesome!!! the bagpiper blew me away when he entered! GREAT voice!

Amzickles says:

This has proper made my night, amazeballs!! x

camila ariana Silveira says:

So fucking good!!! 😀

One J Reaper says:

ohh noo lol bag bipes lol just a bit random. but honestly Awsa why havnt
you made it big yet!? oh well everyones loss. “success is not something you
chase… but something you achieve from the person you become”. when i get
to the bottom of the fake celeb ladder i’ll make sure you and your band
have a spot in one of my music vids. so honestly now…no more stretch vids
and keep focused on one amazing music vid that will blow everyone away.
remember the name JReaper Awsa, cause this year is ours.

Maximiliano Di Concilio says:

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo powerfuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllll!!! Wanna sing like

calbl7 says:

Absolutely fantastic!! Love your energy and fun, just made me smile so
much! Ha x brilliant! X

ennisel says:

I like that! good cause too⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠

EpicAlphaNinja says:

best cover of this song EVER !!!!

Lets Play League says:

That’s suprising… that’s the first cover by fans that’s really good o___0
I would like it 2x if it had been possible! xD (sorry for my english… xD
not the very best, I know… xD) Well done!

a8127 says:

Absolutely MIND BLOWING !!! I am in awe of this AMAZING cover , well done

PuschelPower says:

Very great ! 🙂

ninasel says:

you guys just sat there and fucking killed it!

xxAmandaMxx says:

This is amazing!

Eddytheeagle1981 says:

You know how sometimes you have those neighbours that sing all the time,
but really their no good so you bang on the walls to tell them, well your
the exact opposite, Id want you singing all the time at all hours,
beautiful voice, excellent rendition of the song, I actually had goods
bumps at a few points and the bagpipes was a stroke of genius 😉

awsamusic says:

Oh great rider of bikes, I am only too pleased to BLOW YOUR MIND 🙂 Thank
you for leaving this sunshine. And please do come again. x

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