Believe – Mumford & Sons | Acoustic Guitar Cover

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Free guitar tabs & Lesson will become available if you want them? click the like button if you do.
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This is the first song from the collaboration between Matt & I. I hope you enjoyed the video.


The Guitar I’m using is my Fylde Falstaff (link below)

The Strings im using are Elixir HD Lights (link below)







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Gareth Evans says:

This is a special collaboration between me and the hugely talented
vocalist Matt Johnson. Subscribe to him here –

Guitar lesson and tabs will be posted if you guys want one? let me know by
clicking on the like button or commenting in the description

Bharath Sajikumar says:

Awesome cover Gareth.Whenever you do any cover or any stuff ,my passion
towards fingerstyle guitar is increasing.I enjoyed a lot this cover.

Matt Johnson says:

Today I have some exciting news, I have made my first Youtube collaboration
with Gareth Evans who is a fantastic guitarist on Youtube. Please watch our
live video we did together in my living room….The song is “BELIEVE” by
“MUMFORD & SONS” Gareth has been on Youtube for a long time and has over
250,000 subscribers so he has really helped to expose my channel. The video
is on his channel right now so head over and have a look, please leave a
comment let me know if you would like more live covers. :)

brian krause says:

Damn boys time to start a band and get paid. Lol nice work!!! I would

TheBigHeinz says:

I bet he’s going to use that as his cover of the week :D

guitarbrothers says:

Nice cover! 🙂 Great!

MysticDragons says:

please do “Someone New – Hozier”

Jack Sparot says:

woooow awesome collab!!

Spencer Allen says:

This is awesome Gareth! I love all of the collaborations you’ve been doing

Varun G. says:

This is a special collaboration between me and the hugely talented
vocalist Matt Johnson. Subscribe to him here –

Guitar lesson and tabs will be posted if you guys want one? let me know by
clicking on the like button or commenting in the description

Vladimir Tchekavy says:

Great ! awesome cover ;)

thesevideosareshit says:

Pure Beauty!

swanseawales1979 says:

I never usually leave negative comments, not the best cover, best leave
this track to the Mumfords. Hopefully, their next collaboration is better

Bubu Timinger says:

GG man! I knew you were going to reach this stage: playing with other
youtubers (besides fingerstyle guitarists). I’m proud of how this channel
is growing so much and so quickly. It’s a victory for the fingerstyle
guitarist community.
Also, please upload some tabs. This one seems to be really easy, but it has
those advanced techniques ( wrist thump, thumb slap). Good song for my
daily practice :)

Yuval Baruch says:

Mostly was listening to the guitar lol

方晨希 says:

niceee cover !! can someone tell me how to play 1.13 to 1.53 thanks !

Nikolas El-Hayek says:

“I don’t even know if i believe”. This is so good! Amazing work sir!

Joao David says:

Great *–*

bond2k3 says:

Yes, please release tabs & lesson. Sounds great. :)

Jonathan Renteria says:

I’m first!

ReaperSeed says:

Can You do tutorial to this song. 🙂 And this beautiful cover good job :)

Tyler Barker says:

brilliant guys well done

Wesley Henrique A7x says:

very good! My channel is also covers

Beviedev says:

+Gareth Evans You are so talented, it’s unfortunate you have the most
selfish and inconsiderately impatient fans. I wish people would just
appreciate that you do what you do for them at all. Keep on playing, wow, I
am so glad you take the time to share it with us. Excellent.

Anton Winding says:

Great work! Really impressing.
I Saw someone who did a cover of the song “passion flower” and i was
wondering og you could teach it to us?

Again, you are great

Hugo Johnson says:

Can you do a lesson on nuvole bianche fingerstyle

Syomantak Chaudhuri says:

Hey guys, can anyone tell me how gareth evans is creating that shrill sound
in between(in the chorus)..looks like a percussive technique but its too
shrill for that.(Its certainly not a slap..any ideas?)

MrJkca says:

I am loving the new Mumford album! It’s so so good.

Piotr Dziubek says:

Amazing Work , so much emotions in this song , your playing is amazing !
Matt did great job to of course ! Cheers very talented guys !

David Anderson says:

This. Is. Great ! Awesome work Sir! 

AlexSuperTramp says:

Good cover, but the single is so boring. The guitar work, the lyrics, the
chorus. So elementary. Gareth did a perfect job as usual, but M&S need to
bring back more interesting instrumentation.

Bharath Sajikumar says:

I think this is live recorded cover.Even though it’s just awesome
brother.Keep up the good work.

Giru Ga says:


BetterWorldGuitar says:

That was excellent!

Joel Bernal says:

What a great piece of art!! Good job boys keep it up…

Willi Rütz says:

Oh my God, that was awesome!!!
Very nice voice and (how always) amazing playing!
I’m gonna subscribe Matt too, he deserves.

Do more of that stuff together, it fits great!! 

TheSuperstition95 says:

Beautiful guys!

Traci Longwind says:

Loved it

spooky.bunny says:


MaddyVox says:

Perfect song by a perfect band…Thank you soooo much for this cover, it’s
simply amazing (as usual)

Martin Delis says:

first comment is mine. this is an awesome corer. keep up the good work

nikoladelakirk says:

Excellent cover, I would definitely like to learn this song! Great work

greda is says:

Awesome! :D

Jhonatan Sluminski says:

Niceee (:

EunoSerm says:

Beautiful! Very good guys :O

NeptunGegrillt says:

Your cover feels very passionate and emotional, keep working together :)

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