Hellberg – The Girl (Jonah Wei-Haas Piano Cover) ft. Aloma Steele

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Bronah and BrALlama reunite again. Also check out our group, FutureFreqs. ;D

Original Track –
Hellberg – The Girl (ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtveSk1N7Uo

Download on Loudr.fm – https://loudr.fm/release/the-girl-piano-cover-feat-aloma-steele/EP45e

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jweihaas says:

Bronah and BrALlama reunite! ;D

Batman says:

Mother of god, I’m really just running out of things to say about these
covers. There’s only so many ways to express that something is absolutely

Oh and I hope Aloma comes back for another Monstercat release. She’s one of
the label’s best singers hands down.

ProPiloco5 says:

I’m in love with this song, thanks for doing this man ❤️

Grafit says:

That part at 3:57 is epic!

Mine Timelapser says:

I fell in love with this song

PianoMania says:

I am making piano covers from Movies and Games!
Check my last works: Skyrim, Mass Effect, Game of Thrones covers.

FR43KY Redyy says:

Why is he wearing illuminati clothes in some of his videos lmao

Monstafluff Music says:

Oh you guys are fantastic! I loveee yaa <3

TheBrockstah says:

Amazing cover. Unfortunatly due to the comments of the original I still
cant unhear “she just shits her ears.” But other than that. This was
perfection. You have outdone yourself. :)


IGN intro 10/10 lol i was not expecting that glitch haha

Justintime says:

You never fail to amaze me!

Dylan Drifter says:


BFK Krizyx | Player and GFX says:

Amazing song !

1w3playZ says:

I was just about to request this, or Back2U

Bailey Phillips says:

Omg!!!! YYYYAAAAASSSSSS!!!!! 😀 You just made my day. :)

nasnoahs says:

I is amazed ;D

xFNx Destroyz says:

Could you do Genesis by protostar?

George B says:

I would sell my soul for the sheet music for this.

LePlaycube says:

meh, but still good

TrivectaMusic says:

This is sick!

mercotui says:

great song, great cover

Heinz says:

You absolutely killed the 4 min part

AllAboutMac510 says:

amazing vocals and cover!

Nestingzone says:

Get it boo!

Darkflue14 says:

Her voice is beautiful!

Chris Peterson says:

Great job mate! So good

FishyFing says:

You, sir, are a god! 

Jake Tobin says:

1st like and comment :-D

Jonathan Law says:

Ermagherd this song .-

Moritz Bokelmann says:

Man she didn’t even failed one note 😮 amazing work by booth of you!

Jake Israel says:

is she the original singer??

Breno Andrade says:

Man, probably it will not be possible for you to cover this music ”Talent
goes by – Tristram”. But I dont know , even you cant, just listen to it
… its very old but i found it these days.So yeah,that’s it!!

Btw , love your videos.. Keep up the good work 😀 😀
See ya ♫♫ ♥

Christian Henriquez says:

Oh my gosh thank you it sounds better with Aloma Steele singing somehow

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