How I write a song – Marie Digby

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How I write a song - Marie Digby

I really wanted to put up a video for an original song because I’ve done a few covers for the last videos. Then I thought to myself, I’ve never put up a vide…
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La Voz Kids 2014 Gilmarie Villanueva says:

Wow your so incredible and inspiring! 

VladislaV Koziy says:

Read all about it part III – Emeli Sande you’re

Rachel Campbell says:

Seriously an amazing song omg keep doing what your doing <3 

Ahava Steen says:

Wow an Amazing song, you are so inspiring❤️

sear Khan says:

I like your songs baby
Love you

thetruth says:

sounds great ur voice so I wish I could work with you on some songs

Alex Miller says:

Holy crap I love your voice

ZIMmissesyou says:

Ugh I’m so mad it’s been 4 years and this hasn’t been released to buy yet!
Not cool I love this song!

Stephie Leong says:

Does anyone know if she recorded this into a song? I am so moved by it.
Would like to know the name 

Sophie Sapphire says:

+MarieDigby You should defo re-write this down and make a new song out of
it :), maybe the little girl could have cancer?
And I was thinking titles like…
The Voice, Not Going Yet, Not Ready To Leave, Dying Worries, Not Going To
Heaven Yet, Last Thoughts…? it would be perfect for a music video with
the old woman & little girl in it! :D

Country boy Doomes says:

Wow +MarieDigby u did awesome I felt that n seen a story as u was playing
that’s a top awesome song

Shatara rankin says:

Hey I loved the song!! Please say you finished it.. I wanna hear the whole
And thanks for the tips I’ll try to use this when I write my song. 

西山渓 says:

no comment!?

this video is amazing.

i love every songs of MARIE!

mo1571 says:

I love it! What a great song! You are very talented.

Meral farrah says:

Has this song finished ?

Monkey Business says:

That was beautiful keep writing and posting videos you have a great

TheLegitKiwi says:

this is incredibly helpful! A+++
thank you so much for sharing, I have been struggling with the musicality
of writing for quite a bit and this is the guidance I needed!

Martin Micor says:

I think It’s wonderful. :)

Tone Montana says:

Absolutely amazing!

Amit Singh says:

i really hope your grandma is okay, my dads aunt just passed away today
actual, lovely voice i write raps but wanna try songs n that is really

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