How to write a song on piano : Beat Making Tutorial – How to Write Chord Progressions

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How to write a song on piano : Beat Making Tutorial - How to Write Chord Progressions

I am offering private lessons on songwriting and general music theory. Email me at [email protected] for more details. How to write a song on piano…

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ETsonggalaxy says:

I ve seen many POOR TUTORIAL. This guy does a damm good job
making it all CLEAR to understand everything STEP by STEP going
at an EASY PACE. Thx uploader!

Emily Chee says:

great video !

maxime cloutier says:

i wear bras. 0__0 ?

wtfu054 says:


Walter says:

Good vid, nice and to the point

StarKing Music says:

Great video. I just made a tutorial using chord progressions. Please check
out my channel

CourtesyVEVO says:

this nigga racist as hell, playing white notes and shit

TheOmnicell says:

very helpful Thanks

HurricaneRocker007 says:

@Radicdj well remove the 7 chord because its a diminished which is kind of
not a pop music chord

Oliver Addams says:

I’m 15 and I wrote a few songs and have uploaded them to my channel and it
would mean so much to me if I could get some feed back on them 🙂 (PS, I’m
not trying to spam at all, I would just really like some feedback from you

nyx211 says:

Turn on CC at 2:33

jazzflutist says:

Eg. Dm—EΦ—A—Dm—B—Gm—Dm—C#º—Dm

rookie3945 says:


StudioGoldsmith says:

0:07 ‘just formed with satan’

HWil21 says:

So all you do is count? 😀 Sweet.

Gabriel says:

so you can start in any chord you want and go to any other chord? You can
do whatever you want as long as you stay in key?

jazzflutist says:

i—iiΦ—V—i—VI—iv—i—viiº—i Anyone know if this is the correct
progression for Bach’s D Minor Chaconne (solo violin)? I think they’re all
triads — no sevenths? Correct? Anyway, it’s a nice progression to practice
in all keys around the cycle.

Garima S says:

this was amazing!!! 😀

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