How to Write a Song Part 2/5 – Chord Sequences

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How to Write a Song Part 2/5 - Chord Sequences In this video Jony Rockstar (Sugababes, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse) gives an introd…
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ixfluffxi says:

@SimplisticSalvatioNI chords *

Point Blank Music School says:

@SimplisticSalvatioNI You want your bassline to be in the same key as the
main melody or chords yes. Playing a bass chord is likely to muddy the mix

Point Blank Music School says:

@DJSlam76 You’re very welcome. Glad we could be of help. Cheers PB

Point Blank Music School says:

@SimplisticSalvatioNI Check out our Mixing Dance Music course. That will
certainly answer all your questions at a deeper level.

Hi I´m Sam says:

wtf.. how is this a tutorial? =/

Slam says:

Exactly what I need ! Thanks

Point Blank Music School says:

@SimplisticSalvatioNI basslines are often easier to write since they are
usually monophonic, but a lot harder to mix as the low end frequencies can
be very overpowering.

Marcelo Esteban Mauricio says:

Yes, it will, and I have evidence of that: It says on the Haydoc Music
website on the section about “Verse-Chorus-Bridge song structures” that it
works for the song “Never Be Lonely” by The Feeling because of what I
mentioned 2 months ago

LIVE DJ FLO 1st Channel says:

very good

ThePeo000 says:

It doesn’t fit in the scale however. Which you clearly know (not sarcasm).
It would involve accidentals, just like 7th chords. It would depend on the
song whether it works or not.

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