How To Write A Song – Top Ten Tips

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How To Write A Song - Top Ten Tips

The first episode of the Top Ten Tips series My top tips for writing songs —————————————————— Next Episode – http://www.y…
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Christine Carey says:

OK I might sound crazy but I’m a Christian and God told my mom that I was
Gonna be a famous song writer or an actress now I’m starting to write music
plz wish me luck!!!

Gabby Quiroz says:

Is she the notepad from don’t hug me I’m scared 

Dreadful Viking says:

If you’re only in it for the money, then you are strongly recommended to
apply this standardized scheme. Just make sure that the song sounds
horrible. You can do that in the most cunning way by adding some rap, a
monotoneous bass, some techno synth and electronic drums. Silly lyrics is a
must – a mark of the trade, and hideous and loathsome clichés can do the
trick to make your song stand out as really horrifying. If you feel the
urge to throw the lyrics in the wastebin, then don’t do it, because you
might just have layed the golden egg.

If you realize that the majority of people buying CDs these days actually
like bad music, then you’ve come a long way. Do not underestimate the
feebleness of the masses, which are systematically brainwashed by the
profit hungry illuminaties of the record industry, the muzak mafia and
their accomplices – the ever so dependent and sleazy bloodsucking leeches
of the mass medias radio gaga – cynically and steadily aiming to produce
more musical zombies. Poor soulless souls.

On the other hand: If you’re not a zombie yourself – if you’re in it for
making good music and you actually know what that is – then just do it the
way you feel, with whatever scheme you think is right. Not that this scheme
of this video is totally useless, it is not, but it is an timeworn
stereotypical run-of-the-mill scheme that may lead to a platitudinous
uniformly result, so be aware. If you succeed in writing a good song, then
also be aware that it also is a huge crowd of people out there who likes
genuine good music; people who are starving for good music – which sadly is
quite rare in todays charts. What a pity.

A quote of Corey Taylor:

“Bad music is a form of murder to the true art of music in general. Bad
music forced on a child is abuse because it invariably forms that child´s
taste in music. Bad music has raped an industry that was held up strongly
by great expression for decades but now finds itself floundering, giving in
to the lowest common denominator of music just to keep its panties around
its waist. Bad music tortures the eardrums and kills little bits of your
senses through prolonged exposure. Bad music steals money from shallow
pockets, steals airtime from more deserving bands and songwriters, and
steals the spotlight from undiscovered geniuses who have all but given up
on a dream because of the mediocrity of popular radio. Bad music is a lie,
and yet it is foisted on the public in an attempt to turn melodies and
songs into hamburgers and fries. Bad music is truly a sin because you don´t
have to be exceptional to make it in the music industry anymore. You just
have to be good enough to stick around and be tolerated. I understand that
bad music is a matter of opinion. I know that. But I am fairly confident
that more people agree with me than you suspect.
Bad music is just fucking bad.”

Corey Taylor, Seven Deadly Sins: Settling the Argument Between Born Bad and
Damaged Good

Luke says:

I don’t care about money shit, I just wanna feel a sense of significance, I
feel inspired to make music but I feel like I’m not good enough
instrumentally.. My voice can hit notes but I feel like it’s a bit nasally
lol, but I wanna make music that people enjoy, that’s all

JoMama123451234 says:

You wanna know the best advice for writing a great song? LISTEN TO OTHER
GREAT SONGS AND IMITATE THEM. If it worked for them, it will work for you,
especially if it was a hit song. Don’t copy them but take some things that
they do well and use them in your own song, and add your own touch to it.
Listen very closely to how all the parts work together and follow that
general formula. Let them inspire you to create your lyrics. I’m pretty new
at songwriting but just that one tip has helped me a lot. Oh and also, some
people are more naturals when it comes to songwriting. It’s a creative
process so you need to be able to think creatively. I guess everyone can
improve but in my personal opinion, I don’t think songwriting is for

PumpkiiinSpiiice says:

Last year at my school talent show , I sang the national anthem. Since then
, everyone can’t stop talking about it! I really hope that’s a good sign
/)_( … I plan on moving to cali and getting a record …. someday !

Eda Gürler says:

ı’m writing songs about what ı want ! when you write about popular topics
your songs allways tells the same things.

john xu says:

Is crazy , but is the sound track in this video availible?
I could think of an song ,
It might sound crazyieee, what you want me to do …
I will write a song )

MountainMan says:

You are amazing! You have helped me and my friend a lot

Pedro Pereda says:

I just begin strumming my guitar.. When i found a chord progression i like,
i begin singing everything that comes in my mind… Then i record the song
with all the instruments (arrangements, effects, solos, etc.. Comes by
themselves) when i record the song, i sing along… Then i write the
lyrics, they come by themselves too.. Its more easy when you are not tied
to a “popular theme” or to things that you found everyday,, for example.. I
have a song that talks about wolves that come from the underground to join
the nazis, a song about a man that want his girlfriend to become a robot
with him, a song about me and my girl spending the night in jail… Cmon,
there are more than a million words.. For me, most important than the words
themselves or the poetry in the lyrics, is a good fonetic in words.. Some
words sound good together, some others dont..

Austin Hernandez says:

Idgaf about lyrics… 

Bob Lundborg says:

Man fuck this muthafuckin shit ain’t nobody need this stupid shit!! Just go
write whatever the fuck you want

OfficialMusicD2 says:

check how i went from nothing tp something

eldes23 says:

Im sorry, but could someone summarize those 10 tips? I had having a hard
time understanding it because of her accent (sorry I’m not used on her
accent) 🙁 But I know her vid is really helpful!! thanks!

kaitlyn brymer says:

I have created a powerpoint on how to write a song as I have wrote songs
since I was 5 and it takes a few simple steps just click this link that
will bring you to the website
just inbox me and I will broadcast it beause it needs me to broadcast. x

john xu says:

May I buy the sound track of this video for ten dollars?

Purple Shirted Eye Stabber says:

Lil wayne should watch this.

Adrianna Grifin says:

This lady is stupid is that how she made her song

Monica Arechiga says:

I’m 13 and I write songs but I don’t know if there good

Manu Hendriks says:

what if you can’t sing, but can play the guitar really good and are ok with

KaitlynSch716 says:

What if we can’t play an instrument…

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