Hozier -Take Me To Church (piano cover)

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Hozier -Take Me To Church (piano cover)

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0AdRiaNleE0 says:

first ?

Allison Le says:

Can you please do “Retrograde” by James Blake?? I love that song so much,
and I also love your piano covers!! Amazing

Bob Walrus says:

Could I ask you how do you learn a song so fast? I see you uploading quite
a lot (considering the time I take to perfect a song) I can probably learn
up to 2 songs per year because it takes me about 6 months… How do you do

Dennis Mortensen says:

I feel like making a emotional speech on top of this.

Diego Pineda says:

This cover is so perfect!

Jack Robertson says:

This is very good, what sheet did you use to learn this?

eebdea says:

Amazing as always Adrian.. Would love to hear you play more often, seeing
an upload from you is starting to be quite rare :'(

SimpleUsername says:

You’re so amazing at piano, gives me goosebumps everytime. :’)

legogarfunkel says:

It took you awhile to make this cover of this song!

mkid75 says:

Adrian you do such a fantastic job at piano! I wish you all the luck in the
world with your future endeavours on piano! Again fantastic video.

Zareldo says:

So beautiful i almost cry 

Aashi Dhaniya says:

Can you cover Steins;Gate’s Ending song? That would be epic!

Luke Green says:

Beautiful song. I love all your covers, and I have been your follower since
May 2014.

Grant Harris says:

I wish I played piano!

Toa Bodriik says:

I’m actually not a huge fan of the original song, but this cover is AMAZING

Piano Around the World says:

One of my altime favorite songs and bands. your cover of this song was
amazing! thanks for posting

MentalMonkeys says:

This is amazing, you’re so talented!! :D

Blyndblitz says:

Amazing. I’m still waiting for another user named tilt1984 to transcribe ur
frozen and skyfall covers. they’re too good. 

Niccolò Cirignoni says:

Well done! From Italy

Wanna says:

Great Cover! I have played this Song also on my Channel

Robert Preuss says:


Thales Eduardo Reis Conceição Lopes says:

Take Me To Church é uma música muito bonita. Com uma profundidade muito
grande. Me emociona muito. E a sua interpretação ficou incrível, perfeita,
maravilhosa. Parabéns.

Take Me To Church is a beautiful song. With a very great depth. Excites me
a lot. And his interpretation was amazing, perfect, wonderful.

aecrim x says:

please make a version of Heart and Soul! That would be wonderful. Oh and as
always fantastic job on Hozier.

swunt10 says:

there are some really wrong notes there. sounds like shit when you play

Pancho284 says:

Awesome I love it ;)

Hailey Boudreault says:


Василий Серов says:

Man, you are awesome! You need to make your own concerts! Perfect piano
master. Greetings from Russia.

kischken says:


V Elliott says:

Awesome perfect timing I just got into this song 

Benks464 says:

can you do a twenty one pilots song?

Cimbom Sevdalısı says:

You are just incredible! *-*

oldnoname12 says:

Fantastic as always, keep it up!

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