Monetizeing videos – What to write? (Music, iLife, Garage Band Images, Movie clips, etc.)

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Monetizeing videos  - What to write? (Music, iLife, Garage Band Images, Movie clips, etc.)

If you checked nothing then YT suggests you write Example: I created this video and I own all rights to all content in the video. I usually write: Example: T…

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AaronHarvey15 says:

i have videos with gaming content. the content however was recorded from
the games own, ingame record and upload feature. This allowed me to record
footage and upload it straight to youtube from my ps3. does this mean i
have full rights as the game producer/developer allowed all ps3 copies of
that game to be capable of uploading to youtube, without the need for
recording equipment or software. take a look, at the videos if it helps,
but i do need advice because i dont want my video removed

Ericsurf6 says:

Great info. Thanks for making this one Victor! Subscribed.

radionrt northeast says:

I am the owner of Radio NRT band keep mailing me their tracks can u please
tell me the format right format so i can do monetize the video correctly !

Seinfeld182 says:

up until right now, ads have shown up immediately after I fill out the
form. occasionally it wouldn’t show up so I’d unmonetize it and then refill
it out and that would fix it. but my latest 2 videos haven’t let me do this
at all. I keep filling and refilling out the form but no ads appear on my
video. and there’s no music or sound effects and no copyrighted material in
it. it was all made completely by me, audio and video. what do I do?

buibuoy says:

Thank you for all the advice! I am brand new to this and I recently got the
ability to monetize my videos. I do have videos with music content created
by my brother and if I follow your instructions, should everything go
smoothly? Also my most popular video has third party music but is not
marked by youtube, if I were to obtain copyright information where could I
find it. (Or is there no way it could be accepted) Very sorry for all the
questions but it would be great if you could get back.

CzechFitnessChick says:

Thank you!

HighHeadTV says:

hello partnerisland, i’m doing videos and i put my own music,songs. how to
prove youtube that i am using my own music, beats?thanks for reading this 🙂

partnerisland says:

@cbtj32 That’s weird. Maybe you wrote something that showed you did not
have rights to monetize that video. Did you use any copyright material?

Modesto News says:

I use a lot of Apple Royalty Free music clips at the end of my videos
during the credits but, sometimes youtube will immediately remove the
monetize option when I do saying that the video is not ellegible because of
the music. The music is just at the end of the videos and usually less that
30 seconds. Should I 1) say that I have music in the video and try to
explain that is an Royalty Free Apple Loop or 2) not even check the music
box at all? Which is better?

TechXCentral says:

Thank so much for this video it is very helpful! 😀 I have subscribed!
Usually my videos have the ads up almost immediately. But this explains
what I should put much better! Thanks again!! 😀

dwdE115 says:

I wrote and performed the music in my video. The song is called “Name of
Song”, written and preformed by me (my name). I’m the label, Name of Song
theme music,which I own and operate. You can reach me at [email protected] or my
phone number. Why does You Tube still not let me monetize. Maybe I should
not use music at all.

partnerisland says:

@partnerisland In addition to that, it depends on what country you’re in.
Japan seems to be easier. Canada and the USA seem harder. Sex also seems to
be component. Young attractive women seem to be given much more slack. In
the end though if you get views you’ll get it.

WarmothStrat says:

@partnerisland Well, I have about a week left until my black ball is
lifted, I applied for partnership on April 18. We’ll see what happens. All
I know now is that with my limited partnership deal that I have all of my
ads are showing up literally within 2 or 3 minutes of submission. I guess
I’m on the clear list with them. I’ve filled out everything perfectly from
the beginning.

Michael J. Frederick says:

Im looking for some help. I use imoive and garage band for the sound tracks
to my videos. However, the third party copyright keeps coming up next to
them. I thought by using these loops and samples I was safe from
copyrights. Could you tell me if im doing something wrong, because I would
like to partner and can’t with these problems. Thank you for your time and
i hope to hear back from you.

AaronHarvey15 says:

thanks 🙂

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