Music Theory Made Easy: Using Music Theory to Write New Music

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Music Theory Made Easy:  Using Music Theory to Write New Music Request a song by clicking the link below: I’ll teach you how to play any song you want, just let me…
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Tim Roof says:

Hi, Steve. I’m a beginning guitarist, though have been a piano player for
decades and know something of theory (pro piano tuner for 30 years). Your
videos are great! Although it’s in a different key, your presentation
chords sound very similar to the chord progression in the chorus section of
“No End, No Beginning” by the Finnish Band “Poets of the Fall.” I can’t
post links here, I guess, but you can find it on YouTube and listen. The
lead solo by Olli in the break is terrific! Cheers & thanks!

rasmusole says:

Hey Steve. The F chord isn’t a sus4. If it was, the sus4 note would be Bb,
not B. In a F chord the note B equals a b5 or b12, depending on how you
look at it. Nice chord progression though.

Mehul Dekate says:

Hello steve…m mehul dekate from india….m guitar player….since few
months m watching ur online lesson n i’d like to say that they all r really
awsome..i learnt so many things..n its really help me in my playing

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