Parasyte OP 1 ‘Let Me Hear’ [Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Eddie van der Meer]

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This is my arrangement of the Parasyte Opening ‘Let Me Hear’. I recorded this on top of the Water Tower in Kwadijk at 45 meters height! (You can actually see my house from up there haha)

Tab Available: Soon!

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Earl Jo says:

Glad you did a cover for this! Awesome scenery dude.. Great work as always.

Andrew Foy says:

Great Job Eddie! I recognize it now 

Emma Juhász says:

I’m crying! It’s amazing! <3

Nikeet Shah says:

Don’t even know the song but sounds hella awesome ! :D

Pascalle Pieper says:

I just love this one eddie!! Just wow

casadimarioxxx says:

Ik laat je zeker horen! Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi! Mario =)

TheNotSoOldSisters says:

I really like this song! Just curious: are you going to fall of in the
middle of your video cuz that would be pretty interesting to see and how
did you get the stuff and the crew up there? By the way, your BR is
beautiful! 🙂 Lanvy

Galvin Lee says:

Still as good as always! 🙂 Recording took more time than always huh? 

Protect Jeloh - Leader says:

i dont even know this song but this is amazing

Tiny Guitarist says:

Woah this was pure genius! I love this so much and the location was pretty
cool too!

LEGOMoviesMaster says:

Gitaar spelen op een 45 meter hoge water toren lijkt me cool!

Arlo Micho says:

Wow Eddie! Your video looks interesting always! you did an outstanding job!
keep it up :)

James Bartholomew says:

Awesome! Nice addition of those synth strings, subtle but really adds to it
🙂 Badass location by the way :P

Aatian Kailasapillai says:

Its very difficult to play outside because of the wind and espacially on
that height.(I tryed to make a cover outside buth it failed).You did great
as always.Any tips for filming outside?

ThisisTomy1998 says:

Perfect arrangements as always. I wonder if I can arrange songs like you if
I keep practicing and playing the guitar

xXxFLOjumper96xXx says:


Ashwin Haan says:


Kacem Guenaneche says:

Oh dude.. You’re awesome seriously! Can you do the ending too ?
Peace and love from Paris!

xAkinaNozomi says:

Nice playing as always :).
The view from up there looks amazing o.O! How did you come to the idea to
record your video there?^^ Just epic :O!

VRN Ron says:

– Migi, handle the defense.
– Defense?

Potterdog Russell says:

I loved this anime (and the manga)! Fantastic work, it sounds even better
than the original!

Sheridan Povedano says:

This is such a nicely presented video, lovely scenery and amazing playing
ARE WIRH YOUR GUITAR, I really wish that one day I can meet you, wish you
the best and stay rad

Anime Toochi says:

Wow, that’s very awesome man ^^

Александр Каверин says:

заметил несколько косяков, но если оценивать в целом, как всегда супер ;)

Adolfo Jerez says:

great song and beautiful views!!

phong huynh says:

Great song . I love it !! <#

EpicTurtle113 says:

Loving it man, I hope I can learn it because its inspirational

Calvin123574 says:

Of course and as always, another fantastic piece of music. Keep up the good

Pseudo Egyptian Sphinx says:

Wonderful, you are an incredible guitar player!!!

Guus Music says:

Great job Eddie, awesome place to record! :D

Анютка Кельзон says:

I’ve just saw the end of Parasyte. Full of emotions. Thank you so much!

Kasaitox Kaminari says:

Awesome :D

Thai Pham says:

Inspired by the cliffhangers of every episode.

Jhonatan Sluminski says:

Perfect (:

Stevin Joy says:

Simply awsome 🙂

Jeremy Faatau says:

Nice one dude +Eddie van der Meer

Jakob Kallestad says:

Really really well done Eddie. I personally loved that opening so much, i
watched it from start to finish on every single episode of the show, every
week. You did not disappoint to to give me the feels. I hope that one day i
will be able to play it the way you did :)

Cailloux Moelleux says:

Perfect cover ! really well done !

Lucas Vasconcellos says:


belal naseer says:

Dude that was epic 0_0

BetterWorldGuitar says:

Great work!

Brennan Rogers says:

Amazing once again my friend!

Skilled7105 says:

Really amazing! Fantastic! What did you use to record in order to make the
sound quality perfect?

Pierre Andrianarivelo says:

Just Amazing !

Marcy Villegas says:

Your so awesome!!! Thank you for this!! I wish there was Season 2 

Koekjesyummie says:

Shit man! Dit is ziek! Doe zo verder!

OkamiBinLaden says:

I was wondering why I haven’t seen this video before and I realized it was
uploaded today lol

karel fauzan says:

dammit its too good

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