Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – piano cover

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the legendary song, from the 1975 album A Night at the Opera.
for booking information please write to [email protected]
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Edge says:

Mercury was a genius.

Ohémjé says:

I would like you as neighbor =)

Ian Leo says:

Something about this song that is so beautiful. It’s my favorite song, and
I find I have a certain “connection” to the song. It’s just so beautiful.
Anyone else feel me?

ChangWook Shin says:

참 능력자들 많은 세상~
퀸의 보헤미안 랩소디를 피아노로 듣고 있으니 프레디 머큐리의 음성이 살아나는 착각이 들 정도로 놀라운 연주실력~ 

Maestro says:

Where can I find its Sheet Music? Thank You. :)

다잉 says:

ChangWook Shin – 공개적으로 공유함
시시콜콜한 음악넋두리

참 능력자들 많은 세상~
퀸의 보헤미안 랩소디를 피아노로 듣고 있으니 프레디 머큐리의 음성이 살아나는 착각이 들 정도로 놀라운 연주실력~ 

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – piano cover

Susana Herrera says:

Este cover lo miro siempre, por que me gusta el teclado, pero esta chica es
fenomenal, me encantaría tocar un cuarto, de lo que ella toca y es
maravilloso su talento musical, a mi también me gustaría saber como se
llama y de donde es?, eres una Genia”, te felicito. 

Ane Dijitak says:

Do Queen’s Innuendo cover, pretty please?

SheetRockGirl says:

You are a GODDESS!!

Binho Onofre says:


Pascal Sallin says:

Maybe the best cover on Youtube.

You manage this song as a virtuoso.

Elbert John Felipe says:

breathtaking. you have my like

bob duncan says:

i have seen your video multiple times and i never get tired of watching you
play this tune. great great skills, keep up the good work.

Jack Ryan says:

A definite 10/10. Beautiful.

Александр Сагачёв says:
noah4314 says:


Neno Pacinotti says:

Musica per le vostre orecchie…. 6

Fransesco Rupach says:
Paul Policarpio says:

That 0:18 sec note she only missed.

very good VK 🙂 Mercury is proud. 

Felipe Solorio says:

Una de las mujeres mas talentosas 

Kiley Conrad Siebs says:

Standing Ovation!!!

Liana Arnold says:

Wow! I have goosebumps. Incredible

SolDiTV says:

Your hands <3

김철수 says:


jorge godoy says:

muy bueno genialllll impecable te felisito des de argentina buenos aires

Daniel Ercolino says:

wow…. Bravo! J’ai le même piano mais…toi tu le fais sonner à
merveille! :-)

Molun says:

One word to describe this cover: Mercury!

MrAlx771 says:

You are better than the Radnich !!! More Precisely 1!

Peichiny . says:


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