See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth (fingerstyle guitar cover by Peter Gergely)

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This is my fingerstyle guitar cover of “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa. I arranged and recorded it in like 20 minutes so it’s nowhere near perfect but so many of you requested it that I took a short break from studying and this is the outcome.

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Gear used in this video:
● Baton Rouge AR11C guitar (named Lily) ►
● G7th Performance 2 Capo
● Martin 12-54 gauge bronze strings
● 2 Rode NT5 microphones
● Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface
● Canon EOS 700D camera

Mixed by Eddie van der Meer, check him out, he’s an amazing guitarist ►

Filmed by my brother Marcell ►

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Peter Gergely says:

As a tribute to Paul Walker, here’s my cover of “See You Again”.

Albert Gyorfi says:

Nice arrangement! 😀 You don’t know how much I like that depth of field.. I
really need a better camera.. maybe I should say I need a camera haha I’m
recording with my phone now..It just doesn’t have that depth of field 🙂

Go study Peter, and good luck where you want to enter!

Caiel Manuel says:

Wow, amazing job Peter!

Mattias Krantz says:

Probably one of your best arrangements, the quality of your videos is
really high

Ale Sosh says:

Wonderful version, hope someone from the cast of Fast7 will hear this.
Oh, how many feeeeels.

You should try to do the Charlie Puth version of this song (without rap
part), would be so damn great.

Aatian Kailasapillai says:

This is amazing.I surely going to learn this.I can already play your All Of
Me,Can You Feel The Love Tonight,Stay With Me and Take Me To Church
arrangements.Your songs have some magical.Its just some kind of own flavour
in each of your arrangements that makes it so identical.Its amazing.I love
that emotional songs so mutch,its a shame if you hear that other people
listen to f*cking dupstep… and laugh you out if you listen to (i just say
something) Ellie Goulding…

happy122006 says:

20 minutes….. I might be still trying to figure out the tuning…lol
Great arrangement!! ^^

BRockandriffs says:


Markus Stelzer says:

that’s an epic arrangement Peter! well done.. 🙂 Greetings Markus

Nynke says:

Awesome cover! I think this is the best fingerstyle cover of this song 🙂
Can’t wait till the tabs are unlocked! 

Yuval Baruch says:

What program do you use to edit your audio?

Richard Sørensen says:

very beautiful edition i played very very good

NJ Lily says:

I’m pretty obsessed with this song for last two weeks .. and this cover is
going to be my phone’s ringtone for next few months … ! love it … love
it … Peter your covers are just great that i can’t stop listening to them
once I start !!

David toner says:


hagitheduelist says:

Which is harder, this or Take Me to Church? Amazing work by the way!

Jonathan Erum says:

I can’t wait for the tab!

Guitarman95 says:

thank you! it’s so great and now I’ve a new challenge…

…to learn this song

lori n says:

Wow it’s amazing, great job!! :D

Marilou Razon says:

nicely played cover… awesome and really good! “SEE YOU AGAIN” Paul Walker

New_we_gen02 says:

Im soo happy that you, Andrew, and Gareth made the arrangement 

Ruben van den Bos says:


Daz Chadwick says:


victor eu says:

i was hoping you played this song about a week ago

NoMenPlay HD says:

Ty now i know what i play in my music Examens 

BlazingDuck Tutorials says:

everyone share it on facebook so we would get tabs.BTW nice arrangement
peter :D

Omri Shaked says:

+Peter Gergely please check my cover for your version of chandelier i would
love to learn from your comment!

New Tuachill says:

You plays really like. Ded mak mak.

premuel2 says:

You arranged that in 20 min? Wow well done! Very well done :)

Vicky Lalala says:


Olivia Ramuz says:

This is so amazing. I have played guitar for about 4 years. I hope to
become like you when i am older. Great setup! Can you do a cover of grade 8
by ed sheeran? Thx so much x

Mohamed Touba says:

Great <3 You are the Best <3 *-*

Finikac Phoenix says:

Really good

Dylan Truong says:

That was siq as petes! was waiting for this one hahah

Chris Elia says:


Sheridan Povedano says:

Nice one Peter amazing as always and beautifully played by an amazing
guitarist that is you, your so gorgeous… 😉 wish Ya the best

Sierra Dehoyos says:


KildeaGirl says:


Andy Lam says:

I enjoy watching you play. You’re great Peter 

jay landitor says:

This is absolutely amazing. 

Kevin Diericx says:

Well done, nice arrangement! Can’t wait for the tabs :)

Alireza YR says:

you are an inspiring guitarist.I enjoy watching your beautiful cover and
the place you choose for film making.

Goh Qi Xuan says:

This is the bomb, but it looks very hard fo learn, is it ? Btw if I am not
mistaken, you have answered me before, you are majoring in psychology right
? And didnt you plan to take a gap year? :D

BoyEastern says:

if you sing in that song it would be nice

lior g says:

amazing like always :))

Pizza Is Life says:

Awesome!!! :D

Cristhian Rancan says:

Omg!! You are so good, congratulation!

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