Shepherd of Fire – Origins Intro Cutscene Guitar Cover (Avenged Sevenfold)

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Note: Because I only have an acoustic guitar, I ran the sound through some sort of distort function on garageband to get a similar sound to the real song. This was just something I whipped up in a few hours, it’s not meant to be the greatest cover of all time aha 🙂

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Outro Song:
Actual Outro:

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TheSmithPlays says:

Different styled video, but I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

CrazzYettii says:

Pat you’re too good I sense a copyright strike coming

Charisa Singh says:

We have trusted bo1
We have trusted bo2
Bo3? Hmmmmmmm

MrTLexify says:

Video length = 420 :)

TheCityofZ says:

Didn’t know you played guitar man!! I do too!!!

Scott Bowley says:

Wow syn gates (their lead guitarist) better watch out! You could take his
place pat!!!

louis coz says:

I don’t know if black ops 3 is on last gen

zToxcity says:

Treyarch after seeing this. “Pat your hired” I’m calling it ;)

Vamp3507 says:

The only thing better then this, is the positivity in the comments <3

Bryce bob says:

Under 301 club would u like a drink

Isaiah Schwartz says:

Now it’s time to practice for darude sandstorm

The Grand Master says:

Shepherd of fire is on my top 5 zombies map songs and you should make a
video on it 

MCunleashed says:

Pat is gonna leave his YouTube channel to be the lead guitarist for a rock
band xD

Brady Barnes says:

holy shit… Write your own background music dude you’re a freaking God,
how come you have never shared this before?!!!

Picula HD says:

You should try doing a series of you playing to other songs/albums. I’m
just saying.

Alex Schweitzer says:

Trombone’s better cough cough

Radical Gam3r says:

Patrick…I Have A Challenge Idea

Nacht WAW Challenge On Town In Survival On Custom Games Starting On Round 5
With MrTLexify!


No Bank
No Pap
No Perks
No Perma Perks
No New Black Ops 2 Weapons
No Waffles

Who Agrees?!

semipro6600 says:

Patrick Hendrix XD

MarkyGaming says:

Band Name: Mustang and Sally
Lead Singer: +MCunleashed
Guitarist: +TheSmithPlays
Drummer: +MrTLexify
Manager: +TheRelaxingEnd

jonathan murguia says:

4:20 blaze it up pat!

Connor Bright says:

Awesome! I didn’t know you played guitar, or listened to awesome music like

MilitiaFTW says:

you have some good talent, hope you be in a rock band, starting
Audience: I love you
Patrick: sub to my youtube, I post zombies and top 5’s
JK Have a good day!!

Connor Brennan says:

This a zombie channel or a music channel? No mention of the re-uploaded
episode of yesterday. Come on Pat

donagh o donohoe says:

Beast=Patric best map= origins best song =whatever the songs is called

leo griffiths says:

who disliked?

shay oneill says:

262 views 284 likes seems legit i never new a video was so good it has more
likes than views

ItsFredtastic says:

420 !!!!!!!! yeah boiiiiiii

nice cover

ashton bennett says:

Iw has had a bad game sledgehammer has had a pretty bad game treyarch none
lets keep it that way

Aden B. says:

Who here plays an instrument? I play Trumpet and Alto Saxophone.

THE chikenbro13 says:

Mooooooo I’m a cow

Ian Leshaw says:

this look gay video and u look gay

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