Skrillex – Bangarang (Guitar Cover)

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My guitar cover of Bangarang by Skrillex! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂 I played it in standard 8 string tuning.

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TheStell231 says:

у тебя кровать сделана из сумок?

lucio cianci says:

Skrillex – Bangarang (Guitar Cover):

Yuli the bunny says:


Ashley Garcia says:

Hoy por dios!!!!! Es muy bueno <3!!!! Nya~! n.n

alexander van helsing says:

es muy bueno

Irish Blimey says:

The force is strong in this one…

Alex Watson says:

For all you talking shit on this kind of music: Skrillex is one of the
best and most versatile music producers ever to exist and to think that it
takes absolutely no talent to create this kind of music is ignorant.
Almost every professional dj/producer has a background in some kind of
musical instrument. It takes years to master a digital audio workstation
the same way it takes years to master an instrument. Don’t believe me? TRY

benjamin says:

give this nigga a cookie and a medal
he deserves both :D

Th3_Ma$t0d0n says:

Bruh you’re cum faces are amazing +1 for the wumbo combo and the happy feet

TucsonianEskimo says:

Mr. Doesnt know anything about guitars here..

Does that thing have like 8 strings on it? O-o

HBwolven TheDarkSlayer says:

Every time i hear this i get an outrageous eargasm. 

Kevin Godec says:

lmao ! i just filter the sound so that i can hear the guitar only .. and u
guessed it .. it sucks !

Raúl Pérez says:

With this comment, I don’t want to offend. As a musician, I respect all the
genres, and all of us can see that you are a good guitar player, but, if
you buy an 8-string, use it for something that worths, not for that. It’s

yourbutmyhole says:

how can this guitar have 8 strings when there is only 2 people in the

Егор Синицын says:

Хуйня, знаете как у меня 90-летний на балалайке ебошит, вот это тема

Patrick Haag says:

+fracionado You my friend are a fu**ing genious!!!!

Pamela Corston says:

Skrillex – Bangarang (Guitar Cover):

newb dood says:

Skrillex isn’t shit without Kill the Noise! Listen to real dubstep like
Figure, Getter, Pegboard Nerds, Excision, Protohype, DotEXE, EH!DE and

Traveller Stratos says:

+Layle Strings Re-tuned

Shamara van Wesel says:

Well shit that was awesome

Stan Magrus says:

с 1:52 самый охуенный момент 

Clash for cash says:

watch it, you be suprised 

Bogie Larnlua says:

8 string guitar?

Humphrey The Omega says:

He took a great song and made it AMAZING!!!

J Canuck says:


Velocius Princeps says:

how did you get the vocals?

Hans Hansemann says:

OMG This Guy is awesome!

Dani Snowdon says:

Lol, dude, you have a demon in you. A sick one.

Divz Rani says:

Fuckin hell, never in a million years will I be able to play like that!

Tiziana Galbusera says:

that’s the right way to play a 8 strings guitar

Cuneyt KARACA says:

Enjoy ?? Much :)

.xX EvilCupcake Xx. says:

You are AWESOMEEE !!! *O*

Armaan Azeem says:

Man, how many strings do you have on that!?

sweetdrag0n says:


Willie3838 says:

All hail lord swag.

Sanel Vella says:

Como empezar… Antes que todo no soy un ”hater”, de hecho me alegra que
haya hecho este Guitar Remix, de verdad bien por él y para la gente que les
gustó, además de que admito que una 8 cuerdas tiene 2 cuerdas adicionales a
las normales y por ello tiene más acceso hablando de octavas en la cual
puede jugar con creatividad. Lo que sí me da algo de tristeza en cierto
modo es la gente como tal ¿atacan a los que no les gustó por…? Viejo,
cualquiera que saber tocar guitarra o al menos tenga un cierto tipo de
conocimiento podría saber lo que él está tocando y para tener 4.000.000 de
visitas, realmente me da tristeza, porque no es lo que como tal se merece.
”Es un Remix en guitarra de Skrillex, es muy original” por supuesto,
claro que sí, pero siendo guitarrista y uno teniendo el talento que tiene
no sólo debe tocar las cosas como se oyen sino como músico poder jugar con
una canción, al menos yo hago eso y pienso que las cosas deberían ser así.
Es aburrido ver que la gente toque una canción tal cual como la conozcan
¿un pequeño solo al menos? pero no tantas power chords, como guitarrista
respeto lo de él, consiguió lo que quería, pero creo que (y opino) que
siendo como tal un músico pudiera haber dejado salir su imaginación y haber
mejorado (razonablemente) la canción. Repito, no lo odio, me alegro por él,
pero solamente doy mi punto de vista como tal. Buenas noches a todos y que
tengan un feliz día.

How can i start… First of all i’m not a hater, in fact i really happy
that he record this Guitar Remix, seriously, good for him and for the
people that liked it, and i admit that with an 8 strings he had 2 other
strings out of the regular guitars and for that he had more access speaking
of octaves so he can play with his creativity. But something that makes me
sad, the people. Attacking to the guys that doesn’t liked it because of…?
Dude, anyone who knows how to play a guitar or at least knows a little bit
of study can knows what he’s playing and for having 4.000.000 views, makes
me really sad, because isn’t what he deserves. ‘It’s a Guitar Remix of
Skrillex, that’s so original’ yeah, of course, but for being a guitar
player and for having the talent to play the guitar you’re supposed to play
the songs like they are composed, you have to play with your creativity and
i think it should be this way. It’s boring to see the people playing the
songs has they are composed originally, a little solo at least? but no that
much power chords that he makes, as a guitar player i respect him, he made
what he wanted, but i think (and that’s my opinion) that he being a
musician he could let his imagination flows and could make better the song.
Remember, i don’t hate him, i’m happy for him, but i’m just giving my
point. Good night to you all and i hope you guys have a wonderful day!

PD: I’m trilingual for those who thinks i use Google Translate, that’s for
losers. See ya!

Adam Poch says:

u have to be part god

yusuf koç says:

gitar tellerine tecavüz etmiş amın feryadı

Charlotte Widmer says:

Applaus das kann nicht mal ich

dubstep and drifter says:

.bro your my hero that’s what I want to achieve when I get good like you
you deserve trophys 4 life

Hanuka Cavani says:

soooooo goood brooo keep it up

Kelsey Evans says:

This is unreal!! Amazing job

Bier Bart says:

+Mark Mitrani Thx m8000.

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